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Entirely recreates all land of Vvardenfell, excluding city/house placement. Follows the idea of the original game with much more detail, and exploration value.

Permissions and credits
Hello! This is my first big mod, or any mod I'll have worked on. I've worked on world creation many times for a long time, so I feel confident that this is a professionally done job of recreating Vvardenfell.

I'm going to start off with the Bitter Coast region, working from Seyda Neen. Next I'll work on the Grazelands, Sheogorad, Molag Amur, West Gash, Ashlands, Red Mountain, then finally the Ascadian Isles, in that order.

I hope you are patient with me while I work on this, if you like what I'm doing. I finished Seyda Neen in less then a day, but I won't be working on it every day.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy my work!

Ascadian Isles - Untouched
Ashlands - Untouched
Azura's Coast - Untouched
Bitter Cost - Work In Progress
Grazelands - Untouched
Molag Amur - Untouched
Red Mountain - Untouched
Sheogorad - Untouched
West Gash - Untouched

Ald-ruhn - Untouched
Balmora - Untouched
Sadrith Mora - Untouched
Caldera - Untouched
Gnisis - Untouched
Maar Gan - Untouched
Pelagiad - Untouched
Suran - Untouched
Tel Mora - Untouched
Ald Velothi - Untouched
Dagon Fel - Untouched
Gnaar Mok - Untouched
Hla Oad - Untouched
Khuul - Untouched
Tel Ahruhn - Untouched
Tel Branora - Untouched
Seyda Neen - DONE
Vos - Untouched


I suggest you install Vurt's Ground Cover and all of Vurt's Tree Replacers for the full effect of this mod.