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This mod adds a majestic portrait of Crassius Curio to the game.

Permissions and credits

Static Version-
Simply adds a magnificent portrait to decorate the Curio manor and delight its dinner guests. Now there's some proof that Councilor Curio is such the patron of the arts he's made out to be.

Object version-
Adds the portrait for decoration as in the static version, except it's an object you can steal and position anywhere you desire via its placement scripts. There's also a servant to keep an eye on the painting, because it was otherwise too easy to get away with such a valuable collector's item.

Technically, you could use the positioning scripts to move it elsewhere and then steal it, but you don't want to do that for the same reason you don't add gold to the PC with the console. It's cheating and would make you feel empty inside.


Put all the files into your Data Files folder except the .esp of the version you don't want.
Use either the object or static version- not both.


This may conflict with any mod using this same frame resource because the filenames could be identical. It wouldn't hurt the savegame or anything, they would just overwrite each other. I have never come across any such mod, though.


The frame resource and its positioning script is from Pekka's excellent painting resource pack.

The painting was brought to my attention by this reddit post.

The artist is Mark Makovey.