Amulets by Xiamara by Fox
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Modification for TES III MORROWIND


Mod’s name: Amulets by Xiamara
Author of the mod/conversion: Fox
Author of the original mod: Xiamara
Version: 1.1
Requirements: Morrowind, Better Bodies
Mod’s page:



This mod is an adaptation of the "New Amulets by Xiamara". It contains 9 gold and silver amulets.
These amulets use left pauldron slot and dress instead of the left pauldron. Therefore amulets are armor.
Wear amulets over clothing. Find beautiful amulets in the Mages Guild of Ald’ruhn (on the table at the entrance).

What's new in version 1.1: simply cleaned esp with TESAME.



Extract the files in your Morrowind data. Do not forget to check Amulets by Xiamara.esp in launcher.



- credits goes to Xiamara
- thank you to Akavir for skinning tutorial
- thank you to Siberian Crab for help and tutorial about creation of static

Do not redistribute/re-upload this mod without my permission. I will not say no, just want to know about it.
Find me here as CandyGrl24.