Enchant Value Overhaul by Tee_Seven
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Added: 07/09/2013 - 03:06AM
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Last updated at 3:06, 7 Sep 2013 Uploaded at 3:06, 7 Sep 2013

Just put the .esp in the morrowind/data files folder. Make sure to check it in the data files window
in the launcher.

This is my first mod. Ever. Not just Morrowind, ANY game, so bear that in mind while playing this.
This changes the enchant values for most all clothing/armor. The mod contains the main esp, the esp
that changes Adamantium armor stats, and the Adamantium plug-in if needed. (Note: Adamantium plug-in is a free download that adds the
aforementioned armor to merchants and as a world item all over Vvardenfell. Tribunal not needed.)
No heavy armor? Heavy armor already had the highest enchant values in the game. Medium, clothing
and light were simply brought up (way up) to balance. The stats are as follows:

Cuirass: 20
Helmet: 25
Pauldron: 2 each
Greaves: 2.5
Boots: 8.8
Gloves: 20 each
Shield: 50
Tower Shield: 75
Bonemold and Chitin armor sets have been modified to be the same enchant value as Steel.

Ebony- Twice Steel
Orcish modified to Ebony. No light armor equivalent.

Daedric- Thrice Steel
Glass and Adamantium balanced to Daedric.

Exquisite Amulet: Value changed to 1400, Ench to 160
Exquisite Belt: Value to 260, Ench to 20
Exquisite Pants: Value to 420, Ench. to 20
Exquisite Ring: Value to 560, Ench to 140
Exquisite + Extravagant Robes: Value to 5620, Ench to 260
Why did I do this? One; I made all Extravagant Robes on par with Exquisite merely since I thought
they looked better. Morrowind was very unbalanced in that pure mages had very little running for
them, versus heavily-armored warriors who had good armor rating AND excellent enchantment
possibilities. To balance this I made robes MUCH better with enchanting but also MUCH more expensive.
Now finding a good robe is more similar to finding a good suit of armor, but still not AS difficult
for sake of realism.
Exquisite Shirt: Value to 670, Ench to 50
Exquisite Shoes: Value to 180, Ench to 10
Exquisite Skirt: Value to 2400, Ench to 120

I personally suggest you do NOT wear robes over armor, as that would make you overpowered as far as
enchanting goes. I made this mod solely to make wearing only robes or only armor (whether light/heavy
or medium) balanced. I also recommend you get another mod that gives more bonuses for being unarmored
(my personal favorite being one that gives you a sancuary bonus depending on the appropriate skill)
to further balance it out.