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You can now hold two weapons and use the second weapon to block.

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You can now hold two weapons and use the second weapon to block. It will only work with vanilla, non-enchanted, non-quest related weapons. Just equip the weapon and it will ask you if you want to switch hands when holding it but the weapon must be at full health to do so. This makes combat better and similar to Skyrim and makes the player feel more like a ninja! Unlike Skyrim you only have one key to swing both weapons and you can block with the second weapon unlike Skyrim you couldn't block when Duel Wielding. Your attack will be stronger when you Duel Wield. You will even see other NPCs and creatures Duel Wielding. If you want to make a mod that uses Duel Wielding download the Modding Guide to help understand how my files work. And if you play Oblivion also look at my Oblivion Duel Wielding.

There is a mod that requires Rhysk that will add the Stalhrim Shortsword as a duel wielding weapon. You can download it here.

Tribunal (Duel Wielding Tribunal)
Bloodmoon (Duel Wielding Bloodmoon)
Duel Wielding (Duel Wielding Tribunal + Duel Wielding Bloodmoon)

To install just download then extract folder and drag plugin into your data files folder. Then drag the model into Data Files\Meshes\ folder.