About this mod

Gives unique faces to various NPCs in Morrowind.

Permissions and credits
My vision is a Morrowind where no two people look the same, and the player is not a clone of anybody else. The faces are made by me, but the meshes are not mine. Resolution is 1024X1024. Orcs have unique tusks and piercings. I like the eyebags that the Dunmer have in Skyrim, so my Dunmer have eyebags... More or less. I've tried to make the faces reflect the lives of the NPCs and their social standing. An example: I gave Neminda small "Dunmer marks" on her forehead. She's a Redoran and not just any Outlander - and she might want to show it in some way.

I recommend "Khajiit Head Pack" by Ashiraniir. She has given unique faces to many of the Khajiit NPCs.

I also recommend "Better Bodies" with Westly's textures, and "New Beast Bodies", for least possible head/neck seam. Some of the human ears might however look wrong with the heads, because some hairs have ears that are almost white. The faces that came with MGSO and most other modded faces don't match these ears either.

GUARDS DIVERSIFIED (separate esp):
Replacing the clone guards with unique guard NPCs. This update contains many new faces in Fort Moonmoth, Pelagiad and Fort Pelagiad.
Guards in Tel Mora are female. Guards wearing full helmet have stock faces, the others have unique faces. They are of different races and genders, though most Imperial guards are Imperials and most House guards are Dunmer. The unique guard NPCs don't respawn, so be nice to them!!!

INSTALL: Extract the stuff and copy the content to your data folder, overwrite when asked.

IF YOU UPDATE from a version older than 004, remove the subfolders named vvDiv from your "meshes" and "textures" folders in your "Data Files" before overwriting.