Illuminated Order by Charles J DeVito
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Adventure into unknown depths, and plunge into the greatest mysteries of Vvardenfell with the Illuminated Order!

Join a paranoid and secretive sect of the most mysterious and skilled researchers & adventurers in all of Tamriel.

See amazing sights! Combat against impossible odds!

Seek out and utilize strange and powerful artifacts, unlike anything seen before! And at the end of it all, have the opportunity to become a powerful lich!

A completely new faction with over 20 quests that will take you across Tamriel and beyond, including new and never before seen mod features and character opportunities!

Join a secret society of mystic intellectuals and adventurers named the Illuminated Order of Invisibles - hidden in secret guildhouses across Vvardenfell, from a safe haven beneath the Molag Mar Waistworks, to an undersea Dwemer vessel dubbed Barataria, and the lost Dunmer stronghold of Fionnovar.

Delve into obscure areas of Elder Scrolls lore and have the opportunity to visit the ruins of Scourg Barrow, search for the Waters of Forgetfulness in a Sixth House cave, explore a bizarre undersea science vessel with some strange surprises, party-crash a Wererat\'s island retreat, raid a Dreugh colony, encounter the three secret greater liches of Vvardenfell, and travel to the forgotten Hall of the Daedra to uncover the secrets of lich transformation - with an option to actually undergo the ritual at the end of it all and live out the rest of the player-character\'s existence as an undead master of magic.

Tribunal is required, Bloodmoon is optional, and can be made compatible with the ESP for this purpose (included).
I do not own, nor have I created or edited this mod. It was created by C.J. DeVito & LDones, and I am merely uploading it here since the only download location that's left (of this version, which was the newest upload) is really difficult to find, since CJ's website (hiredgoons) went offline.