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I have went through almost the entire game with my limited knowledge of the TES set. I really wanted to make a Morrowind with REPLAY VALUE, Character Generation has been COMPLETELY re-programed so now you truly can ROLL your Hero! At the end of Character Generation if you do not like your stats just click "Back" and then "Next" and you will see NEW ROLLS! I have made Rolls for ALL creatures and MANY NPC's so that every one you encounter will have Hit Points and stats/skills/weapons/armor and TREASURE Rolled when the area is loaded! Replay factor 10! :-) 4 NEW Player Homes! One is a Magic Boat slightly east of Seyda Neen Find it! One is and awesome Tower home a travel man is Seyda Need takes you there also! (He is where the Silt Strider used to be.) Remember morrowind comes alive mod? I have basically re-created my own version mixed in with this mod! Guards are formidable now. Most guild quests modded, and Main Quest fully modded. No more walk in the park to beat this game. I have added a tremendous amount of vegetation to the world, a new island south of vivec, with a castle and many merchants. Seyda Neen, Balmora, ect, have been modded for a fresher environment, also a new feeling. Weapon/Armor/Birthsigns COMPLETELY overhauled, I have made "Legendary" versions of all the best weaopns and armor and have included them in the rolls for new and some pre-existing merchants. The hidden gameplay programming has been gone through and adapted to a more realistic and difficult experience. Practically every Unique item and been modded! Almost no useless rings, scrolls, ect, anymore! New SUPERBOSSES that have HUGE Souls for your new gear! Dagoth Ur and the Means to his End are now a REAL adventure! New island east of Solsthiem with a Castle ready to be conquered for a new Player Home! New SUPERWEAPONS available for you to find and purchase! So much more! I am guessing I have created over 1,000 new NPCs Items and Bad Guys! Please play till you beat the game and tell me what you guys think! I REALLY would be Honored if one of you amazing modders would create {balanced with my mod} Quests and Storylines for my new areas! Like a King and MANY challenging quests for my new island! Thanks Everyone! ***NOTE*** My uploaded pics are with all my own mods like better bodies, water life, the Birds mod, graphics upgrades and replacers, ect. Pegas Horse Ranch is ONLY mod Required to play my Challenging New Morrowind!