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Overhauls Dark Brotherhood attacks and adds chance of Morag Tong Assassin Attack. Also adds complete Morag Tong Armor by Alaisiagae. Assassins may even attack in wilderness while doing guild quests.

Permissions and credits
Main Features include -
- Makes Dark Brotherhood assassins to strike out in wilderness while in guild quests
- Makes Dark Brotherhood Attack to occur based on your level, Guild Standings and Global Reputation, so at lower levels, there would be hardly any attack.
- At higher levels as your status increases, number of asssassins increases upto maximum 3 and higher level assassins appear.
- Lower level assassins wear Netch or chitin Armor. Only high level Assassins wear the pricey Dark Brotherhood armor and the assassins may be females too.
- Also, as you raise in a Great House, Morag Tong Assassins may strike in your sleep. Morag Tong Assassins won't attack if are 'Knower' or higher in Morag Tong.
- There are safe places where the assassins don't attack, like inside Ghostfence, Cavern of Incarnate etc.
- Assassins may teleport away if their health falls below 20%. If you don't like the assassins to teleport, just open the console and type without quotes "Set UAH_DBFlee to 0" and press Enter. If you change your mind and want assassins to teleport, then type "Set UAH_DBFlee to 1" and Press Enter.
- Also to stop the DBAttack, you need to kill the DB boss. Just talking to the guy in Ebonheart isn't enough.

v2.5 tweaks the scripts, moves some activators and also added chance for assassins to attack while wandering in wilderness, not just when off on quests.

Your 'reputation' is calculated using the following formula to get a scale of 0 to 5.
0.5 * [ ( ( Sum of all guild rankings )/8 ) + ( Reputation / 5 ) + ( Level / 5 )]
Double weightage is given for being in Temple, one of Great House and Morag TOng.

Safe Places include --

--Inside red mountain, as it is nearly inhospitable
--Morag tong guild halls, for obvious reasons
--Hircine's maze, since this place is only accessible for champions chosen by Hircine
--Vampire Headquarters
--Magas Volar
--The Clock Work City
--Ministry of Truth
--Vivec's Palace
--Cavern of Incarnate
--Almalexia's Chapel
--Castle Karstaag Interior
--Tombs of Skaalara

This includes my other mod DBATtack Tweaked. Don't use both together.

For suggestions or bugs, please post at following links--
Bethesda Forum Thread
Great House Fliggerty Forum Thread