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Added: 31/07/2013 - 05:19AM
Updated: 10/05/2015 - 05:45AM

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Last updated at 5:45, 10 May 2015 Uploaded at 5:19, 31 Jul 2013

Totally overhauls every aspect of the weapons, from weight, value, enchant, health, damage and even speed and reach.

- Makes generic enchanted weapons' stats follow the unenchanted versions of the weapons. Previously some of the enchanted weapons.

- Keeping Steel Weapons as base, every other weapons' stats are modified based on material and type of weapon. See the images for the base values of each weapon type and Material factor, the number multiplied with Base values to get the final values.

- Stats of Marksman weapons were based on Xenn's Marksman Overhaul mod, but modified cost and tweaked some values.

- Speed of Weapons depends on Weight of the weapon.

- Values of Daedric, Glass and Ebony weapons are reduced, while still keeping their rarity in mind. For example, Daedric Claymore which cost 80,000 golds, now costs 12,000 golds. Still very costly, but not exuberant.

- Values of Dwarven Weapons have been increased to reflect their rarity.

- Values and Damage of Weapon Artifact remain unchanged, only reach and speed were modified to fit with other weapons

- Makes Adamantium weapons Ignore Normal Weapon Resistance.

- Reach of every weapon is modified to fit their weapon types. Now daggers and tantos have reach less than 1. Requires MCP 2.1's " Allow short weapon reach" option to work correctly.

- Durabality of each the weapon is calculated based on damage and material of the weapons.

- Also corrects many of mis-named and mis-iconed weapons.

- Alternate version with tweaked Weapon resistance. Alternate version which makes even enchanted weapons of iron/stee/chitin etc, ineffective against enemies with Resist Normal Weapons. Requires MCP 2.1's "Weapon resistance change" option to work correctly

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