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niapet’s Leveling mod
Greetings fellow Elder Scrolls nostalgia nerds! If you are downloading this than you are still playing Morrowind at least in the year 2013! That’s awesome!
Anyway, this mod was inspired by my play throughs of Oblivion and Skyrim with slower skill gain mods. When I pulled out good old Morrowind to have another play through with all the wonderful new content, like Tamrial rebuilt, I figured I should use a similar mod to keep my character fun through the guilds, expansions and all the new content. However, to my great disappointment, there was no such mod for Morrowind! So of course I had to make one myself.
This mod would be simple, double the amount of actions it takes to gain a skill level for all skills and maintain the vanilla ratios. I did this cleanly and with NO dirty edits. I made a 2 times slower leveling version (niapet_SlowerSkillGain_x2.esp ) and a 4 times slower version (niapet_SlowerSkillGain_x4.esp). Unfortunately it is not possible to go slower than 4X and maintain ratios on some skills so there is no 6x 8x 10x etc…
I also wanted a mod that would tweak the attribute Gains on level up. “Linora's Leveling Mod” does this but I did not like the fact that ten level ups STILL gave you the the X5 modifier and I also wanted something that would restrict the multipliers on level up even more!
So there is an addon .esp that will restrict your multipliers for attributes on level to either a max of 2 or no multiplier at all! It will not matter how many times you level a skill, as long as a skill is leveled once you will get the x2 multiplier in the x2 version and you will never get a multiplier in the X1 version(it will still show a multiplier but it will say x1).
I personally use the X2 version of both mods because I feel the work very well and blend nicely with Morrowind’s system. Using the niapet_AtrbMult_x2 version of the level multiplier mod still allows for the normal mechanic to take place as Bethesda intended and gives weight to the skills you use at level up but will make you MUCH less powerful at higher levels. The niapet_AtrbMult_x1 version is for the most hard core, or masochists, among us…
Extract the archive to the \Morrowind\Data Files\ folder

Activate the appropriate .esp in the Morrowind launcher or in wyre mash.
Skill gains: Use the niapet_SlowerSkillGain_x2.esp for double the leveling time and the niapet_SlowerSkillGain_x4.esp for four times the leveling time.

Level Up Attribute Multipliers: Use niapet_AtrbMult_x1 if you want NO MULTIPLIERS EVER. Use niapet_AtrbMult_x2 if you want to have a x2 level multiplier.