Ruins of Serpenthold by The Undying One
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Long ago, the Empire built a stronghold off the eastern shores of Solstheim and emplaced a garrison there with the intent of establishing a strong presence there. However, all contact with the garrison was lost, as were those who attempted to investigate the disappearances. Does the fortress still stand? If so, what happened to its people? Others have attempted to find the answers to these questions, but no one has yet to return. Do you dare investigate the ruins yourself? If you succeed, the sum of its wealth shall be yours, but is that truly worth so high a price as your life or your very soul?

Ruins of Serpenthold is an adventure designed for higher level characters, though mid-level characters may be able to complete the bulk of this adventure with moderate difficulty. Beware, the price of completing this adventure may have lasting repercussions.

This archive includes the Alu'Couatl mod, as it only made sense to combine the two. Note that both ESPs will need to be activated to use the content from both mods.

This mod adds:

  • A new dungeon to explore.
  • A new beast race, the Couatl (or Shadow Naga), and humanoid race, the Alu'Couatl, both complete with new textures and meshes (initial stats are a little higher than average, starting abilities are balanced with every other race).
  • New abilities to augment the Shadow Nagas, from a spell-based high jump (as they cannot fly, despite their wings) to a frost-based ranged breath attack that allows them to absorb their target's life force to replenish their own.
  • Two new birth signs, complete with retextured graphics (nothing fancy) and new abilities and powers to further augment the Shadow Naga, or whomever else you desire.
  • New powerful, yet cursed, weapons.

    The Ruins of Serpenthold mod requires Tribunal and Bloodmoon to function properly. The Alu'Couatl mod has no such requirements.

    This mod will conflict with any mod that modifies the area around Solstheim, Isinfier Plains (-17, 19; -18, 19; -18, 20; -19, 19; -19, 20).

    I originally published this mod back in 2004 with the intent of making it the first in a series. Due to the release of TES IV: Oblivion, Ruins of Serpenthold was eventually neglected and its series abandoned. Now, with the release of the Dragonborn DLC for TES V: Skyrim, I have begun work on the sequel this mod deserves. I had expected the sequel to be available on the Skyrim Nexus sometime in 2014, but have since started from scratch. I hope to have it completed by the summer of 2015, if not sooner.

    Please note that v1.3 has been removed from the Nexus as I found it no longer necessary to continue to host it. I did, however, retain the v1.31 patch for anyone who might need it.

    See the ReadMe file for more information.