Corprus creature changes and Ordinator and 6th House minion add-ons by King Feraligatr
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Corprus creature changes and Ordinator/6th House minion add-ons
By: King Feraligatr

Mod for: The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind

Requirements: Morrowind.esm only

About the mod: This mod is a combination of many things. The first part of this mod is changing how the corprus beasts look like. When I first saw a Corprus Stalker I was mortified. Later on I saw a Lame Corprus on UESP and was even more terrified. For a week these things disturbed me with a profound impact. I wanted to change what they looked like so I could enjoy the game again. I determined that Corprus Stalkers would look like Spider Centurions and Lame Corpruses would look like Steam Centurions. They indeed looked far less disturbing. I consider this change essential for my Morrowind experience and I would not play without it. Note that all other creatures, including the other ash creatures have been left unchanged. I also have not changed the anything else besides the models and the names of the Corprus Stalkers and Lame Corpruses.

The next part of this mod is an Ordinator add-on. In my effort to make Red Mountain less perilous, I added tons of Ordinators to Red Mountain and the surrounding areas, Ghostgate, and Kogoruhn. These Ordinators use a spawning system that spawns them from a list of Ordinators, which randomizes the face and gender (more weighted towards males). They have lists for ones with bows and ones without (usually fixed except under rare instances). They will assist you in fights with other creatures that are attacking you (they utilize the hardcoded "guard" class behavior). Some of the Ordinators are at vanilla strength however there are stronger variants of Ordinators that are more capable of handling the dangers of the 6th house and Red Mountain.

The final part of this mod is a 6th house minion add-on to its most major bases - Kogoruhn and citadel Dagoth-Ur. Now this may be shocking due my loathing of Corprus Stalkers and Lame Corpruses, but still while wandering through these facilities, they didn't really seem to have much minions for such major bases. So I added 6th house minions to these bases. I also have added unreferenced named Dagoths to citadel Dagoth-Ur. Also Dagoth Ur (the person) has his own bodyguards when you fight him, especially the second time around. Be careful.

There are different versions of this mod as described in the next section.

Installation and playing the mod: Drag the versions of the mod you want into your Data Files folder. Drag the meshes into the meshes\r folder of you Data Files folder (create the folders if they don't exist) if needed. These meshes are vanilla meshes so don't worry about needing textures. There are different versions of this mod so that you can decide what you want.
Some can cause imcompatibilties if used together (i.e. don't use both the full version and the Ordinator add-on, this will cause doubling among other things).
Complete version: This contains everything I have listed above. Needs the meshes.

Corprus creature change: Only changes Corprus Stalkers and Lame Corpruses. Needs the meshes.

Ordinator add-on: Only adds the gold-armored bastards to the respective areas. No meshes needed.

6th house minion add-on complete version: Only adds the extra minions to all the mentioned areas. No meshes needed.

6th house minion add-on - Kogoruhn: Only adds extra minions to Kogoruhn. Doesn't need meshes.

6th house minion add-on - Dagoth Ur full: Only adds minions to citadel Dagoth-Ur. No areas of citadel Dagoth-Ur have been left alone. Doesn't need meshes.

6th house minion add-on - Dagoth Ur: no add-ons to Dagoth Ur fights: Only adds minions to citadel Dagoth-Ur but does not add them the places with Mr. Ur. No meshes needed.

Uninstallation: Remove the files you chose from your Data Files folder.

Conflicts: Anything that modifies Corprus Stalkers and Lame Corpruses. Anything that uses my IDs for my Ordinators and their lists (unlikely). Anything that heavily changes the areas my mod adds stuff to. Etc.

Credits: Myself for thinking of and making the mod
Bethesda for making Morrowind and its official expansions plus the meshes

Other stuff: Do what you like with this mod. Edit it to your heart's content. However, if you want to upload my mod to another site, please at least give me credit. Also if you want to use my mod in another mod, get my permission. Assume silence to always be a "no" unless otherwise stated.

I use leveled creatures to spawn guards, and my added Ordinators are no exception. To me, leveled creatures are more efficient when creating generic respawning NPCs/creatures than just simply using the respawn flag. Leveled creatures allows random spawning instead of simple clones, it always spawns another actor in the correct place, and so on. And contrary to the "leveled" part, my guards are not leveled.

This is my first released mod. I have been modding for personal things for a while (I've been modding Morrowind for over a year). I have better quality mods that are not ready for release yet. Possibly expect other mods from me in the future (I'm slow among other things). In addition to liking and modding Morrowind, I also like and mod for Skyrim. Possibly expect mods from me for that game. I don't care for Oblivion and I don't even have it for the PC, so don't expect mods for that game from me.

The various versions of this mod come from one complete one. They have been cleaned and have content cut from the complete mod by the Morrowind Enchanted Editor.

This is likely the first and only version of this mod. Only possible change I can think of is changing Corprus Stalkers and Lame Corpruses to something more in the spirit of the original models (i.e. bonewalkers/greater bonewalkers).