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Updated version of Racer\'s Roost, originally by Baratheon79. I didn\'t include any new quests as I originally planned, but maybe in the future :)

Permissions and credits
============= Racer's Roost 1.3 =============

# Introduction ==============================================================================

This mod adds a small tavern named the "Racer's Roost" in Hla Oad, which
the player can buy from the current owner and earn money from. The tavern
will be locked until the player buys it (you get a key when you buy the place).

To buy the inn, just find a dunmer named Aryl Lendri wandering around in
Hla Oad. After a very brief conversation, you will be given the chance to
buy the tavern from him. As for the location of the tavern itself, the
sign on the front should make it easy to find.

Once you talk to the bartender and open the tavern back up, you'll be able
to collect the profits each week by returning to talk to her. If you don't
make it back every week, the money will continue to build up until you do
(so you won't lose any money if you miss a week).

# Installation ==============================================================================

Copy Data Files folder with all it's content into your Morrowind directory. Run the
Morrowind launcher, select Data Files, find the esp you want, and double-click to select it.

# Versions ==================================================================================

@ Version 1.3 [WH-Reaper]
- *Improvements*
- Rewritten scripts for patrons so they are faster and dead patrons' bodies stay
instead of disappearing and appearing like live ones.

@ Version 1.2 [WH-Reaper]
- *Improvements*
- Completely new iterior.
- New system for patron rotation.
- New sign texture by Papill6n.
- Redone the landscaping around the inn.
- Enhanced the exterior of the inn.
- Week profit is now 100-499 gold.

@ Version 1.1 [Baratheon79].
- *Fixes*
- Fixed a profit collection dialog issue that could cause the game to crash

@ Version 1.0 [Baratheon79].
- *Initial release*

# Compatibility =============================================================================

- This mod might conflict with other mods altering Hla Oad exterior where the inn is placed.

- This mod is compatible with MGSO 3.0, including groundcover(grass).

- This mod is compatible with More detailed places - compilation 2010.

# Credits ===================================================================================

- Baratheon79, Original author.
- Papill6n, Author of the new sign texture.
- WH-Reaper, author of updated version.

# Usage =====================================================================================

According to readme provided with the original version of the mod, you need to ask
Baratheon79 if you want to upload, modify or use any part of his mod, so the same goes
for this updated version. He can be found on bethsoft forums.

You are not allowed to use the new sign texture, unless you ask me first. You can PM me
on bethsoft forums. If I don't respond within one month, you can suppose I gave you
permission. Still, I would be glad if you send me link to your completed work.