Expanded LeFemm Armor by Moranar and tiebrakre
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Added: 14/06/2013 - 12:45AM
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Last updated at 15:00, 14 Jun 2013 Uploaded at 0:45, 14 Jun 2013

Expanded LeFemme Armour 1.0 -- 13-6-2013

Authors: Moranar (made parts of the models, and made the icons); tiebrakre (made parts of
the models, and made the textures).

Requirements: Morrowind, and Better Bodies 2.2 or better, LeFemm Armour.

The plugin itself is designed for replacing the Official Plugin "LeFemme Armour 1.1"

What this mod does:

- Adapts/replaces all armours for the Better Bodies plug-in.

- Improves the textures of the Domina set and Gold Armours (default resolution of the new textures is *1024x1024*

- Removes changing of standard cuirasses (Netch, Steel, Imperial Steel, Imperial Chainmail). This allows for better compatibility with other mods

- Adds the Male Gold Cuirass and Helm [Now, Sirollus Saccus no longer looks like a foolish idiot (dolt)]..))))

- Adds entirely a new set of armour pieces: Domina shield, Open faced Gold Helm, Closed Gold Pauldrons, an alternate cuirass, 2 versions of gauntlets, Gold bracers, Gold Greaves, 2 verions of boots and leggings, and 2 Gold shields (usual and tower shield).


-Install the Official LeFemme Armour 1.1 Plugin (from here:

- Decompress (unzip) from main archive (Expanded LeFemme Armor.7z) to the "Data Files" located in the Morrowind folder, overwriting the existing files, and the original LeFemme Armor plug-in. Select and activate the LeFemm Armor.esp.

- If you want, located in the alternate archive (Optional Textures.7z) at high resolutions of *2048 x 2048*(only for Gold Armor), and low(er) resolutions of *512 x 512*

Also, the archive contains optional Helm textures at three different resolutions of *512 x 512*, *1024 x 1024*, and *2048 x 2048*.

Permissions to use the resources are not necessary, but **PLEASE** remember to credit the authors for their work in your Read Me!

--"Textures were inspired by Darknut's Better Textures and should fit in seamlessly", tiebrakre.-)

(Translated by tiebrakre from Moranar's original Russian)