Black Beast of Balmora by Sladle
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Added: 23/05/2013 - 04:31PM
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The road between Balmora and Caldera is shunned at night. The townspeople whisper rumours of ghostly black beast stalking the wilds. Travellers have been disappearing. Larrius Varro is appealing for someone to investigate...

Ask around in Balmora for latest rumours and eventually the townspeople will spill. This is a small mod that only alters the road between Balmora and Caldera. Not recommended for lower-level players as the beast is stronger than a bear. I made this in a couple of hours after a dream I had and I only playtested briefly so there are probably typos and bugs present. Please comment any that you find so I can fix them.

Require Bloodmoon and Tribunal.