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An amulet which when equipped removes a vampire's weakness to sunlight, weakness to fire, and frightening appearance. You can find it on one of the three crates on the platform in front of the Gnisis siltstrider.

May require "Unique Finery Replacer", which you can download here:

It is valued at 500 gold, and is shiny and red. A pretty little treasure and easy to obtain, but selling it isn't going to make you crazy rich, and it won't look out of place anywhere.

Unfortunately this mod doesn't do what I originally intended and hoped for. I wanted no weakness to sunlight, but still to keep my vampiric appearance. There are other mods that remove sun damage, but I made my own because they didn't work with Vampire Embrace or Vampiric Hunger, some of my favorite mods. Alas, my mod doesn't work with them, either. Sure wish I knew more about scripting.

I made this mod with a script made by JymXu, which I found in the forums: So yeah, credit him for the script. All I did was a slight dialogue change and put the item into the game.