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Please be nice - this is my first Publicly Shared mod for any game, ever.

Natasha Romanoff - aka Black Widow (from Marvel Comics & the movie The Avengers). Even among international elite assassins, her name inspires awe, terror, and paranoia. To say that she's one of the best is about like calling the work of an elite 5-star chef "acceptable".

There is little doubt that she was born to the life she leads, but many people spend their entire lives studying and training to only rise slightly above 'adequate' at their chosen career. So, what is her secret?

This mod creates a new enchantment called "Natasha's Secret" and applies it to the Ring of Surroundings instead of the chameleon_dance enchantment. The effects of the new enchantment are all Constant Effect:

Chameleon 100
Fortify Attribute: Agility 200
Fortify Attribute: Speed 30
Resist Normal Weapons 100