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  1. HeirOfTheSeptems
    • member
    • 464 posts
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    With this mod every vanilla armor lets the left upper leg clip through the greaves, and orcish cuirasses are invisible. It makes me very conflicted, since other than that the improvements are so good as to be essential X(
  2. Mylihn
    • member
    • 9 posts
    • 0 kudos
    The female Indoril cuirass mesh seems to have the male one instead :(.
  3. Andrewson
    • member
    • 292 posts
    • 1 kudos
    Works and looks great, but laso has sort of wierd conflict with Native Styles mod, but I think that's on the side of that other mod - fortunately it wasn't hard to fix
    1. RomaDestroy
      • premium
      • 54 posts
      • 0 kudos
      did you use the patch included?
  4. TDOGH
    • supporter
    • 231 posts
    • 26 kudos
    nvm, rest I tested not working well on OpenMW either. Just takes longer to crash.
  5. User_57218227
    • account closed
    • 2,721 posts
    • 20 kudos
    Really nice looking.
  6. Mirrror
    • member
    • 146 posts
    • 1 kudos
    Some Orcs are missing the centre part of their armour, you just can look through their body and some have very distracting white heads probably missing some texture, I don't get any errors though. Usually worn by people of mod Morrowind comes alive so it has nothing to do with this mod. Otherwise works great.
  7. CemKey
    • member
    • 85 posts
    • 26 kudos
    Why put new models in separate folders? To modify the conflict with other replacers?
  8. Pherim
    • supporter
    • 1,885 posts
    • 98 kudos
    By the way, I noticed that those unique armors that are affected by the DeFemm patches are missing their scripts on the Tribunal museum versions (they have a -x at the end of their record IDs). I don't know how this affects their functionality and it is probably not critical for playing the game, but it's still a bug. However, since Moranar seems to be no longer active in the modding community I don't know if it will be fixed at some point. I will attempt to fix the issue on the version of the patch I am using, and if I find the time maybe on the other two as well, and then I could provide links to the fixed files.

    However, I also get warnings about scripts not being found on some of the other museum items which are not covered by the DeFemm patches but by the Better Morrowind Armor main esp. Not sure what's that about, really.

    edit: well, now the warnings are gone. No idea why they were there in the first place and which savegame was loaded when they were generated.
    • member
    • 161 posts
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    I don't know if it's related to this mod or not, but the ice armor gloves for females in first person look very weird and deformed. with fingers clipping through one another and the thumb dislocated entirely:

    It looks normal in third person though..
    I'm using Robert's Bodies if that's of any relevance
  10. lovefalso
    • member
    • 99 posts
    • 0 kudos
    "Expression Error Unable to find cell id "Khartag Point" in script ShrineBoethiah." then game crash, any solution? i discovered this occurs because the game is non english neither russian (this mod has 2 version for those languages), help? :p i have the game in spanish, also crash in polish.
    EDIT: fixed,
    1. Pherim
      • supporter
      • 1,885 posts
      • 98 kudos
      Yes, cell names must be translated for versions in other languages, otherwise the game can't find the cell, as they are identified by their actual name and not a unique ID as in the later titles. I don't know if there are mod translation tools in Spanish (because there are in German), but cell names in scripts most likely need to be translated manually in the CS or MWEdit.