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Added: 20/04/2013 - 05:55AM
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If you add a mod which modify weights of items mid-game, your encumrance is going to be messed up. To remedy that I have created a mod which helps you to correct your encumbrace taking the burden off your shoulder of creating a mod for it.

Say, you are wearing full daedric armor and carrying daedric battle axe and your encumbrance says you are carrying 0 weight. It is mighty helpful, but for those who don't cheat its not good. This mod helps to correct it by following these steps.

1. First calculate by how much your encumbrance is off by. Drop EVERYTHING and go on adding items till your encumbrance becomes positive. Use the following console command.
"player->additem misc_com_plate_01 1"
Then see how many plates were needed to correct your encumbrance. Lets for example say, after adding 26 plates, your encumbrance is 1. So you have -25 encumbrance.
2. Load up the game with "Encumbrance Fix.esp" active and open console.
3. Enter the command without quotes,
"player->additem uah_1 x"
where, x is the amount your encumbrance is off by. In our case its 25. i.e
"player->additem uah_1 25"
4. Save the game and exit.
5. Now remove "Encumbrance Fix.esp" from active mod list. Your encumbrance should be fixed when you load up the game:)

But what if your encumbrance is more than what you carry. For example if you drop everything and still your encumbrance is not zero. Fixing this is easy.

Drop EVERYTHING on ground. Open console and type without quotes
"player->removeitem misc_com_plate_01 x"
where x is your encumbrance after dropping everything. This decreases the encumbrance to 0.