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A more high resolution and modern desktop icon replacer.

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This mod aims to bring Morrowind out of the 2002 vibe and make its appearance more modern and high resolution. The instruction of how to assign this icon to our desktop can be found below. This also works on any other program on your desktop. Thank you for taking a look at my mod! Have a great day!

1. Download the zip file and extract the image file (.ico) to the location of your choice. Remember where you placed the image.
2. Go to your desktop and right click your icon you use for Morrowind and select proprieties. I\'m using the icon re-placer in these images.

3. Select the \"Change Icon\" button.

4. Select the \"Browse...\" button and find the directory where you extracted your image (.ico). After you have found your image, double click the image.

5. After step four you should return to the properties screen and select \"Apply\" then close your properties. My \"Apply\" button is grayed because I didn\'t\' make a change my icon.

6. Voila! Your icon is now changed. Here is it's appearance at a reolution of 1336 by 768.

The desktop wallpaper and the ico I used were found on the amazing website Deviantart and I shall leave you with both links.
Wallpaper: http://browse.deviantart.com/art/Morrowind-Desktop-Wallpaper-136801675
Icon: http://browse.deviantart.com/art/Morrowind-dock-icon-17358801

Notes: I just saw that my file has hit the front page and I am elated! I would like to thank everyone who endorsed, downloaded, commented and even viewed my mod. Thank you all so much!