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Added: 04/04/2013 - 08:05PM
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Last updated at 19:58, 4 Apr 2013 Uploaded at 20:05, 4 Apr 2013

Since I'm not working on this mod no more, I thought I'd make these resources available to anyone interested in them. It's been so long, that I've forgotton who I should be crediting - Sorry!

Adds 5 new "interior" cells for Coldharbour, Deadlands and Shivering Isles. Many new (aka retextured or NifSkope manipulated) meshes.

There is a daedric door in Caius Cosades House leading to Shivering Isles
A Daedric Portal leading to one of the Deadlands cells in Seyda Need
A random floating door near the Seyda Neen Stilt Strider that leads to one of the Coldharbour cells.

Note, Shivering Isle cell contains a script that controls the time. Time passes a lot faster and in reverse. It's possible to leave the cell before you arrived! I don't think the script resets the time though if you leave that cell. - Be warned!