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While building Fort Frostmoth, the Legion tried to build a few watch towers around Solstheim. The "Southwest Legion Watch Tower" was underway being built when a large pack of wolves and snow bears swarmed the tower forcing the Legionarii there to abandon it. A month later, a Nord hunter named Svafrlami found the half-finished tower and made it his home. . Learn the not so difficult to figure out fate of Svafrlami and take Hunter’s tower for yourself!

Svafrlami Wolf-Born reference to Svafrlami the king of Garðaveldi and the first owner of the magic Dwarven sword Týrfing from Norselore. His last name "Wolf-Born" is a reference to My favorite and best Skyrim PC Skjöðr Wolf-Born. Making Svafrlami Skjöðr's great-great-great-great grandfather.

Obviously, This mod requires Bloodmoon!

This mod Adds:

- Black Metal references, Black Metal and Norselore references evvvvvvvveeerywhere!
- A small player home on Solstheim.
- A dagger called “Dagger of Amethyst Crystal
- A sword called “Tyrfing” carried by Svafrlami Wolf-Born
- A dagger called "Hunting dagger"
- A book called “A Bloodline Of Immortal Passion Bestowed The Harmony Of Man And Wolf
- A nuttier than squirrel s**t werewolf-Nord Named Svafrlami Wolf-Born.

Update I(07/6/14):

- Made a few aesthetic changes.
- Fixed a few(o'kay, a lot) typos.
- Tuned it up a little, fixing a few oversights.

My first(and only) Morrowind mod, so it's not the biggest, greatest mod ever.




-Fais ce que tu veux!(Do what thou wilt) You may do what you want with it, just please do not re-upload to the Nexus or anywhere! Stealings bad m'kay!

- If you wish to add it in a compilation, just ask Me and give Me credit(I am 99.% sure will say yes)


- Me(duh)

Finale Note:

- This mod uses only vanilla assets found in the Fallout: New Vegas BSAs.
- If you have any questions, feel free to send Me a message on here the Nexus or on Tumblr(I am on there everyday) 

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- I really hope you enjoy My mod! Have fun. :)