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Wagon home in the Ascadian Isles

Permissions and credits
Ascadian Caravan
Version 1.1

Travel to Molag Mar, The Pilgrims Rest, and meet with an Argonian
operative of the Mages Guild. A researcher for the guild has not
reported in and concerns have been raised for his whereabouts.

Completing this small quest will leave you in possession of a caravan
with all storage options and sleeping quarters included. Using Danae
storage options allows compact storage for a high amount of items.

A return home ring is included.

Two custom helm are included and are quite rare. A silver plumeless
indoril and a gold. Each with different weight categories and stats.


Great House Fliggerty


All resource readme files in included Credits folder.

- Gypsy Caravan Resource - Kiteflyer61

- Containers! - By Danae

- Vurts_Potted_Plants_v11a - Vurt

- Clavis's Rug Resource Pack #1 - Clavis

- Phaedrus' Openable (and Closeable) Chests - Phaedrus

- Plumeless Indoril Helms - Kiteflyer61

Thread for bug reports/suggestions etc - Bethesda Forums

Version 1.1 Change Log

- Lifted glove/accessory storage to stop graphic flicker.
- Fixed note to not show book in inventory.
- Moved spare ring to nearby body.
- Added a +10 strength bonus ring.
- Rearranged pantry area to better effect.
- Added keybox.
- Added Vault Storage box for quick drops of loot.
- Added storage crates to exterior.