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This is my first mod, so keep that in mind as you play. I can not deal with incompatability issues other than those between this mod and official ones from Bethesda (so no asking if this mod is compatable with XYZ mod)

I enjoy playing as a vampire with such mods as Vampire Hunger, but I found that there where no good places to let a large number of cattle run around safely. I made this mod for myself and thought others would like it.
To get to the pen look for the guy who killed the tax collector in Seyda Neen, In his house look in the area a vampire would be scared to be (you can see at least 2 of the corners of the trap door).
The pen has a large holding area and several dead ends that I might expand into more areas if I come up with new ideas that will work with it.
The location is mentioned more exactly in the readme.

Only needs Morrowind to play.
Nonvanilla meshes come from TR Gez's GZ Maxipack Dwemer (the mesh(es) used by my mod are provided in the meshes folder so you can disregard it if you have his modder's resource)

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