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Sobitur Facility is the most popular Morrowind mod for 3+ years on PlanetElderScrolls, it adds a new adventure and questchain for level 40+ players, giving you a rare challenge at high levels. It expands on the lore of the Dwemer's disappearance, showing a plausible contingency of the Dwemer military during their war.

-Adds a new island, Sobitur, off the northern coast of the
Sheogorad region.

-Island is actively volcanic, mind the lava and dust storms.

-Non-playable "race" of Dwemeri Cyborgs guarding the facility
and keeping it active. Do not respawn.

-Cyborgs of various roles: Sharpshooters, Pikemen, Swordsmen,
Bludgeoners, Hatchetmen, Smiths, Captains, Commanders, etc.

-Dwemer Sentinels, fully functioning sentinels who's parts
you've seen inside some of the Crater Citadels.

-Facility guarded by Golems, Cyborgs, and Animunculi.

-Several sections to the facility, including: Armory, Storage,
bed chamber for visiting Dwemer dignitaries(ripe for your own
use), Mess Hall, Kitchen, Mass Storage/Formation Area, Mine,
Thermal Tunnels, Research Lab, Observatory, Alchemy Nest (with
fully functioning automatic ingredient sorter!), Bathyspheres,
Docks, Lighthouse, and much more!

-Teleportation ring that can return you to Sobitur at any time.

-Connects Sobitol to Sobitur via a Teleporter. Sobitol is the
original facility from the Dwemer_Cyborgs mod made by Henkbein.
There are 2 different teleporters, the Pylons, which only move
the player, no companions: and the Unstable Portals, which move
the player AND companions. You cannot activate the Portal
without having two 'Companion Warp Stabilizers', one of which
is in Sobitol, the other in Sobitur. The Pylons only require
a single 'Warp Stabilizer' each to run, but you can only get
them from the facility you are trying to teleport to, so you
will have to visit both facilities for full teleporter use. I
felt this balanced the mods, as it wouldn't be right for you to
only have to fully explore ONE of the ruins and then have access
to the facilities of both.

-Provides another armor/weapon recolouring machine to the new
facility, Sobitur, which I feel is better incorporated than
the original, which is in a ruin reached from the back of the
Balmora Mage's guild.(Sorry Curry_Monkey, that was the ONLY
problem I had with your mod though, the rest is orgasmic :D )

-The Cyborgs here are made to be tough, ranging from level 10
to level 70. Come prepared for a fight. Be ESPECIALLY
careful, or stealthy, in the Formation Grounds, this facility
has been running non-stop since the fall of the Dwemer, and
Sobitur and Sobitol have continued churning out Cyborgs and
Animunculi, though at a slower rate now that the Dwemer miners
are gone, leaving just a few mining Animunculi.

-Read the READMEs for the other incorporated mods for
descriptions of what they add/do. In all cases where I have incorporated other people's work, I have attempted at least twice each to contact them. The only people to respond so far have been Henkbein, the creator of the Dwemer Cyborgs mod, and he has given me full permission to merge his mod into mine, since mine is basically taking his mod one step further in the storyline, and Dunkler Stern has responded, giving me permission to use their alchemy objects. **In all cases you should still read the readme's of these incorporated mods for any questions you may have on permission of public/private use.**

Yagrum Advanced Compatability!
Adds Sobitur as a destination for the airship you can build in the Yagrum Advanced mod. This is an optional plugin, and is not required for Sobitur to run, all it changes is the scripts in Yagrum Advanced slightly so that there is 1 more destination, and adds an Airdock to Sobitur.
This plugin will ONLY WORK if you are using BOTH "Sobitur" AND "Yagrum Advanced"
View readme for details and technical stuff.

**RELEASE 2/27/10** Sobitur: Re-purposed!
Re-Purposed is done and released! This expansion concludes the main storyline for Sobitur Facility. The complete archive is now up for download, containing all 4 primary releases for Sobitur.

*Update 5.2.1 !! *
Sorry for the long wait, but life reared it's ugly head. I recently found the time and inclination to update and fix a few bugs, and also removed Sobitur's dependency on the LDA plugin. The new download file has been moved over from the FTP, so redownload and replace your old .esp's. It SHOULDN'T cause any problems with existing saves with older versions of Sobitur played through, maybe a few one-time error messages, possibly some duplications, but nothing major. Thank you all again for your wonderful support

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