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This mod adds restocking soul gems for sale at 14 vendors across Vvardenfell. There are 2 versions of the mod. Version 1.0 restocks all gems, which is not lore correct as grand soul gems are not supposed to be easy to come by. Version 2.0 is the lore correct one and does not restock grand soul gems.

Permissions and credits
Soul Gems for Sale
Author: Denina
Version: 1.0 and 2.0
Requirements: Morrowind only
Category: Enchantments, Merchants, Cheats

For both versions:
Installation: Extract the .esp file to your Morrowind\Data Files directory. At the launch window, click on "Data Files" and activate the mod by double clicking on the small box until an "X" appears beside it.

Version 1.0 Description: This mod adds restocking soul gems of all types except Azura's star.

Version 2.0 Description: One day while playing, I did the Telvanni Rats quest in Vivec and when I got my reward, I took note of what the quest giver said about the gems not being easy to come by. I realized that 1.0 broke lore by restocking them so I made a version for those who are sticklers for lore-correct. This will restock all the soul gems except grand soul gems.

Chooose which .esp you prefer, don't use both at once.

The rest of the Read Me is for both versions.

There are 14 merchants who sell restocking empty soul gems of all qualities:

Ald'ruhn, Guild of Mages: Tanar Llervi - Faction: Guild of Mages
Ald'ruhn, Llether Vari: Enchanter
Balmora, Guild of Mages: Galbedir - Faction: Guild of Mages
Balmora, Temple: Ilen Faveran - Faction: Temple
Caldera, Guild of Mages: Folms Mirel - Faction: Guild of Mages
Ebonheart, Imperial Chapels: Sauleius Cullian - Faction: Imperial Cult
Ghostgate, Tower of Dawn Lower Level: Faras Thirano - Faction: Temple
Moonmoth Legion Fort: Crulius Pontanian - Faction: Imperial Cult
Sadrith Mora, Guild of Mages: Dabienne Mornardl - Faction: Guild of Mages
Sadrith Mora, Telvanni Council House, Entry: Galar Rothan - Faction: Great House Telvanni
Tel Vos, Services Tower: Alenus Vendu - Faction: Great House Telvanni
Vivec, Guild of Mages: Janand Maulinie - Faction: Guild of Mages
Vivec, Foreign Quarter Lower Waistworks: Miun-Gei
Vivec, Telvanni Enchanter: Audenian Valius - Faction: Great House Telvanni

Note #1: If you steal the soul gems, they will not restock.
Note #2: Only two enchanters that sell the soul gems are not affiliated with any faction, though you can buy soul gems from most of the merchants whether you belong to their faction or not.

This mod is probably unbalancing.

This mod has been cleaned with TESAME.

Conflicts: None known. If you find any, please contact me so I can update this read me.