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This mod adds the "Guild Headquarters" to all the Guild Chapters, depending on the PC's rank it will be possible to acquire guards from several factions and access facilities pertaining the Mages Guild (Offices), the Fighters Guild (Training) and the Thieves Guild (Fence). Now it INCLUDES: Archmage Privileges 2.1 by Arcimaestro Anteres.

Permissions and credits
Mod of the Month
February 2013

Three questions beget the same answer.
What's the prize for becoming Archmage of the Mages Guild? Nothing.
What's the prize for becoming Master of the Fighters Guild? Nothing.
What's the prize for becoming Masterthief of the Thieves Guild? Nothing.

This mod aims to change that by giving the player the power a leader of a faction deserves.

This mod used to be pretty popular when I released it, it seemed only fit to giving it the "revamp" threatment, I should thank Jackstar and Denina for the inspiration to do that. It took me only a day to restore MMGR (as opposed to Magistrate Uvirith Expanded which took me a full week); that is because MMGR was already clean and organized well when I originally released it in 2003, there were a few bugs and missing textures which I ironed out but I wasn't really satisfied with the result and it is only thanks to Denina's thorough playtesting and suggestions that the mod "evolved"[/color] This mod adds a door to every Guild Chapter (Mages, Fighters and Thieves) which let the player access several a new area called the "Mages Guild Headquarters" which features: The Archmage Bedroom and Office, a Weather Control Crystal Room, a Master Wizard Office, a Thieves Guild Fence Room and a new Armor Vendor, a Fighters Guild Training Room and several guards from each guild.

Read Mages Guild Rewards Review (2003) by Patrograd.
Read Mages Guild Revamped Review (2013) by Denina.

If you wish to try the mod but you have not attained yet the rank of Master Wizard, you can open the console and type:
PCRaiseRank, "Mages Guild"
PCRaiseRank, "Fighters Guild"
PCRaiseRank, "Thieves Guild"

While all areas are already there, access will be granted based on PC's rank in the Mages Guild, Fighters Guild and Thieves Guild as per the following table:

In-Game Book Description
A ten pages Lore-Correct in-game book to details the additions of Magistrate Mages Guild Revamped.

Teleport Hall
The "Teleport Hall" acts as a central transport hub for high ranking members of all the Major Guilds. Three sets of Dimensional Doors lead to the various Guild Chapters belonging to Mages, Fighters and Thieves in Ald-Ruhn, Balmora, Caldera, Vivec and Wolverine Hall.

Archmage's Bedroom and Office with a Interactive Flying Book to Summon a Daedra
A rich Bedroom suitable for an Archmage fitted with a comfortable bed, several bookshelves, display cases and ample storage. The office contains desk, winerack, shelves, chests, paintings and Praetorian Guards. The office also features a shrine representing the Goddess Azura in front of which a Magical Flying Book will allow the Archmage to summon a powerful Daedra.

Master Wizard's Office and Weather Control Crystal Room
In the Master Wizard's Office Wizard Nevrila Reladren is assigned to attend the needs of the Master Wizards perusing the office and she also offers Enchanting Services to passing mages. A Journeyman's Alchemy Set is available to use as well as several storage and display facilities, including two glass display bookshelves and a small table display case. Praetorian Guards sporting Akatosh Armor. Once the player ranks up to Archmage, Master Wizard Llavesa Reladren will be assigned to attend the needs of the Archmage. She can be traded with, as well as offering Enchanting and Spellmaking services. A secret Master's Alchemy Set is available to use as well as several storage and display facilities, including one glass display bookshelf, a small table display case, a desk, a wine rack and two bookshelves.
As for the Weather Crystal Room it contains the titular Weather Crystal allowing the Archmage to manipulate the atmospheric weather in Vvardenfell. Powerful magic is at work in this room as the dark pulsing lights and simulated weather suggest.

Bonus Item: Archmage's Teleportation Ring
The ring will teleport you to your room when worn.

Archmage Privileges 2.1 by Arcimaestro Anteres (Included)
Arcimaestro Anteres granted me permission to include his excellent mod into mine. The two mods complement each other perfectly.

With this plugin, if you are a member of the Mages Guild, ranked Journeyman or above, you will be able to:
Promote a lower ranking members in the guild to a higher rank;
Expel a lower ranking members from the guild;
Teach the Disciplines of Alchemy, Alteration, Destruction, Enchant, Illusion and Mysticism to the other members of the faction and to be paid for it;
Teach Spells to the other members of the faction and be paid for it;
Send in a Mission a lower ranking member of the faction to find the ingredients that you need for your experiments, and then reward them. The member will gain experience, levels, items.

The mod adds the following topics:
Expel from the Mages Guild
Teach Disciplines
Teach Spells

When you ask a mages guild member to find something, sleep on a bed or change cell. The NPC will disappear and will come back after 1-8 days. Use again the topic "find" to ask him what he found. If he found something, the NPC may:
Acquire experience. His level, skills, statistics, health, magicka and fatigue may increase.
Find an item. A short blade, a magical ring or a magical robe and may decide to keep it for himself.
Lose 10-25 of Disposition. The amount depends on the value of the items requested by the PC.
To increase again his disposition, you can use, as always, admire or bribe. Alternatively, you can use the topic "Reward" which allows you to reward him with gold, magical rings, magical robes, or short blades. Otherwise, you can use the topic "Advancement" to promote him to an higher rank. This will increase his disposition.

Jackstar: Are you the same MaGISTraTe that made Mages Guild Rewards for Morrowind? I love that mod, I've always had it active ever since it was released.

Initial Release
Maintenance Release.
Added 6 mannequins, a few shelves and some more lighting.
Corrected a small graphical glitch at the entrance
Maintenance Release.
Renamed from "Mages Enclave" to "Magistrate Mages Guild Rewards".
Added Room "Teleport Hall" from which you can reach via other doors every Mages Guild in Vvardenfell and the Master Wizard's Office.
Added Reference Door to every Mages Guild in order to make the PC able to reach the Mages Hall from every Mages Guild.
Toughened up the MasterWizard
Added 2 more Praetorian Guards in the "Teleport Hall"
Maintenance Release.
Increased atmosphere in Master Wizard's Office by adding a few lights here and there. Decreased Bartering Money available to your Wizard/MasterWizard to 2500/5000 from 10.000/100.000.
Improved Lighting on the Weather Control Crystal.
Maintenance Release.
Added a Doorframe in Caldera Mages Guild
Corrected a Typho (Thanks Patrograd)
Fixed some Mannequins Issues.
Removed some not used meshes.
Final Release (2003).
Total Rework of most environments
Room Added: Arch-Mage's Office
Room Added: Weather Crystal Chamber
Added Fantasy Tapestries.
Added Bookshelves Containers
Added a desk for the Arch-Mage
Added a Teleport Ring in the Arch-Mage's Office
Removed Mannequins Completely
AddOn Added: MultiMark Mod Add-On (By DopeHatMan)
Initial Re-Release (2013)
Name changed from "Magistrate Mages Guild Rewards" to "Magistrate Mages Guild Revamped".
Added Arcimaestro Anteres' "Archmage Privilege 2.1" to MMGR.
Added scripts to dynamically upgrade Alchemic Apparatus depending on PC rank.
Reworked, renamed and reduced capacity to all containers ID to ease future upgrades.
Removed Creeper's Room.
Removed MultiMark Add-On
Removed Bookshelves Containers.
Redone completely Archmage's Office, added Winerack, two bookshelves and two new tapestries.
Removed old, not working tapestries.
Added a new painting.
Redone the Chief-Advisor (she will be promoted from Wizard to Masterwizard when the PC becomes Archmage and offer more services).
Maintenance Release
Cleaned some AMBI and WGHT references with TESTools.
Removed a few unnecessary scripts.
Added a single, minor script.
Adjusted Praetorian Guards stats and rank to match the ones in Magistrate Uvirith Revamped.
Adjusted Wizard stats slightly.
Major Release Release
Repackaged and removed unused assets.
Added two Bookshelves Glass Display Case to Master Wizard's Office.
Added one Small Table Display Case to Master Wizard's Office.
Replaced all rugs with custom ones.
Separated NPCs, now you get a Wizard when you become Master Wizard and a Wizard and a Master Wizard when you become Archmage.
Enlarged Archmage's Office.
Added a Lecturn and a Flying Book which summons a Dremora Lord in the Archmage's Office.
Added a Glass Display Case in the Archmage's Office.
Replaced Bookshelves in the Archmage's Office with more sumptuous ones.
Removed two unintended ownerships from the Master Wizard's Office.
Moved Shrine to Azura from Archmage's Office to Archmage's Bedroom.
Removed the Tryolith from the Mages Guild.
Removed the Throne from Archmage's Bedroom.
Changed Archmage's Bedroom style from Mournhold to Hhaluu.
Fixed a construction error in Balmora's Mages Guild.
Revisited Lighting in all areas.
Brightened up the Weather Crystal Control Room and added a custom rug.
Added a Rotation Effect to the Weather Crystal.
Major Update
Reworked all cells into a single one, removed all load doors between rooms (except the Crystal Weather Room which is still separated).
Fixed a problem with two armors.
Replaced Arkay's Armor with Kynareth's Armor.
Removed unused meshes and textures.
Enlarged Teleport Hall, it is now possible to travel to any guild location once you attain the top rank of the Mages, Fighters and Thieves Guild.
Added 3 Custom Paintings and 5 Custom Tapestries.
Added two elite guards per faction in teleport hall, available once you attain the second highest rank in the respective faction.
New Access Rules.
Wizard: Access to Teleport Hall, Guild Display Room and Ring of Teleportation.
Master Wizard: Access to Master Wizard Office. Wizard Personal Assistant and Guild Captains Room.
Archmage: Access to Weather Crystal Room, Archmage Office, Archmage Bedroom, Master Wizard Personal assistant, Praetorian Guard's Captain.
Master: Fighters Guild Dimensional Doors. Fighters Guild Guard's Captain.
Masterthief: Thieves Guild Dimensional Doors. Thieves Guild Guard's Captain.
New Room: Guild Display Room. It features two bookshelves, a shrine to Azura, two big table displaycase and one bookshelf display case.
Refurbished Master Wizard's Room. It now features: An Alchemical set, a bookshelf, a bookshelf displaycase, a desk, a small display case and a small living area.
Refurbished Archmage's Office. It now features: 3 bookshelves display cases, a desk, 3 chests, two bookshelves a shrine to Azura and a Flying Book to summon a daedra.
Refurbished Archmage's Bedroom. It now features: Two bookshelves displaycases, one big and one small table display cases, several chests, two bookshelves and a bed.
New Room: Thieves Guild Fence. It features a new NPC which buys/sells anything and sells all the new armors and a tapestry representing Sheogorath.
Ner Room: Fighters Guild Training Room. It features a new NPC (Mevrenea Shilansour) which will offer fighter's training and five Practice Dummy to improve your fighting skills and a tapestry representing Boethiah.
Maintenance Release
Fixed a door in Balmora's Southwall Corner Club.
Redrawn the Archmage's Ring Icon in order to make it stand out more.
Readded Archmage's Privilege to the package.
Maintenance Release
Moved a door in Balmora, South Wall Corner Club to make the mod compatible with "South Wall, Den of Iniquity 1.4".

Hlaalu Bump mapped

Morrowind Overhaul - Sounds And Graphics

As Usual, extract it to your Morrowind Folder, then activate the plugin "Magistrate Mages Guild Revamped"

This mod adds only a door and a guard into every Mages Guild, Fighters Guild and Thieves Guild locations the rest is in a new cell, it should not conflict with anything.

Morrowind Tribunal

"Archmage Privileges 2.1" by Arcimaestro Anteres
WeatherControlScripting by Scruggs
New Faces/Hair by Tyrande and Mel
Akatosh Armor by Jeremy McGuinns
Scripts by GhanBuriGhan
Desk Model by Nicholiathan
Green Crystal Model by Qarl
Table Display Case by Chron Ventri
Glass Display Bookshelf by Dongle
Flying Book by Dongle
Scripted Practice Dummy by Stuporstar
Jackstar for remembering me and my mod after 10 years.
Patrograd for reviewing Version 2.0.
Antares for Proofreading, being tremendously helpful and for the Tapestries of Sheogorath.
TairenSoul for Proofreading and for the Tapestries of Boethiah.
Denina for her thorough Playtesting, Suggestions and Review.

Spell - Brilliance
Colored Nails
Enhanced Lydia
Magistrate Eyes
Improved Soultrap
Daedric Letters Warpaints
Merchant Stock Respawn Fix
Spell - Levitate

Skyrim SE:
Magistrate Eyes SE
Magistrate Colored Nails SE
Pretty Female Idles Loop 8-9 SE