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"Redoran Reinforced" by Bruno13069 Version 1.01

Inspired by Vadul Tharis's "Redoran Expansion" and cleaned with TEStool.
Based on "Walled Ald-Ruhn" by Bruno13069.

Why is Ald-Ruhn so poorly protected? It's right near Ghostfence and Red Mountain. It needs more protection than a broken wall. In the "Redoran Expansion" mod, there is a quest to repair the wall. I've had many problems running that mod, but it inspired me to make this.

This mod puts a solid, unfractured wall around Ald-Ruhn, from the mountain wall North-West of Skar to the mountain wall East of the Temple.

There are 3 entry arches - one between the 2 guard towers by the Silt Rider, one behind the Fighter's Guild, and one on the path behind the Temple. I've made the wall follow the landscape for the most part, and in the eastern section, I've incorporated the natural form of the mountain into section of the wall.

I've also added a third guard tower on the wall behind Gilden's house (South East, between the Rat in the Pot and the Temple.)

I have moved and removed a few items around the edges of the city, so it may conflict with some other Ald-Ruhn mods.
It will NOT conflict with Ald-Ruhn Temple Expansion.

In this one, I've also repaired the walls outside Al-Velothi and Maar Gan!
Make sure it loads after any other files that change these 3 towns. We've had problems with old wall chunks still appearing in those cases.

If you like/dislike/want to discuss this, find me at GHF, TESNexus, MMH, or the BethSoft Forums.