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Skyrim Lumber Mill V1.00 Beta by RubberMan 15th Jan 2013

Note: This is a modders resource. There is no esp file.



Unzip and place in your Morrowind folder.


Using the meshes in TESCS:

1. Right click in the object window. Click new.

2. Give the ID a name you will remember.

3. Add the art file > Should be in

Morrowind/ Data Files/ Meshes/ SG/

4. Click ok and place the mesh in world.



This is strictly a beta version of this mesh. The textures used have not been carefully handpicked and an updated version (with logs) will be uploaded as soon as I have finished meshes that have been requested.

Wheel rotation:

To make the wheel rotate in game simply copy/ paste the following script and attach it to the wheel mesh (mesh must be an activator not a static);

Begin SG_LMWRotate

; Axis x,y or z depends upon worl placement

Rotate, x, 20



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