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Beautiful individuals with the appearance of beautiful dunmers, arose from the seas of Vvardenfell as a result of love between a God and a Mortal Dunmer. Men and women belonging to this race are very rare on Vvardenfell and they inherited some Godly powers from their God Father but also the weaknesses and limits of their Dunmer Mother, such incredible powers in order to be used without harm need a long and proper training. The Demi-Gods have the in-born capacity of manipulating and channeling the vast amount of magicka at the cost of their health. They can perform incredible magic like totally disappearing in front of their foes, jumping and running at superhuman speeds, summoning a full set of supernatural armor and weapon, casting basic spells at a reduced magicka cost, draining life with a simple touch, travel at the speed of a star, but they are warned abusing their power leads to a quick and inglorious death, wise use leads them closer to their Divine Nature.

[Reviews from Back in Time]

24-06-2004 - Sw18576
First thing I thought was UBER. I fired up a new character, went out and used drain health (combined with other effects). The npc died immediately (no surprise). Then I proceeded to have my but handed to me by three other guards because I was over-encumbered (with no extra gear from start-up). There are some uber abilities. However, each has an uber disadvantage to balance them. This can still be a challenging character to play. I'll update more as I play more. Good Rating.

25-06-2004 - Toiletbrush Tripweed
A cheat character that is not exactly a cheat character. Amazing. Mod does exactly as the description says.
Gives credit to the mods of which the textures and models are used. Actually some serious disadvantages as opposed to many other "cheat" mods. No bugs found. Conclusion:
You have just made probably the first balanced cheat mod on the Summit. Excellent rating.

25-06-2004 - Loanhighknight
Very, very, good... really. I saw no real problems with it. Very nice. Like the others said, this is probably the FIRST balanced cheat mod out there as it gives you better stats, but at the same time, it balances them to make them fair, for instance, you only start with about 45-60 health, and many of the 'godly' powers take away that much health, so the whole 'cheat' thing goes out the window. The cantrip idea is great, as is takes a bit of human balancing, who wants to see your xp go up by four in a skill over and over and over and over? Nobody, simply because it takes so much time to cast the spells. The only thing that could/would make this mod better would be if you could tell your story (how you are the result of an affair with Almelexia) to others and depending on an NPC's disposition towards you, they may believe you or not. And also, after the destruction of Lorkhan's Heart, you loose your powers. What is really cool about this idea is that it actually works WITH the storyline as the Nerevarine is supposed to be "unaffected by age" (hence the goldly immortality). All in all I would not suggest that this be a character for a beginner character, but one who has already completed the main quest and wishes to do so again.
Rating: 8/10 [excelent]

25-06-2004 - Blazer
To all those cheaters that create all the uber races out there... THIS is how you make a god race. My vote: excellent

30-06-2004 - Phreedm
Uh-oh sounds from starcraft credit! credit ! An absolutely perfect mod for those who are geting bored with MW after months and months of playing those like me)) *Hint*: if u don't want to start a completely new game, open console (push the button that sits on the keyboard just left to 1 (`)) and type EnableRaceMenu (following enter )... It'll let you change the race for your favourite 80 level nord)) Could cause some problems though, never tried it, use at you're own risk!!! Excellent rating!

30-06-2004 - JonAthyn
A superb mod for people who've played MW through and needed something else to do... the bonuses are fully countered by the disadvantages, there's a half-decent story behind it, it's very challenging to keep in character but in a good way... my whole game was based around trying to use that Random Star power without dying! Really good effort imo. Rating: excellent. I agree about the people who rated this mod poor - how many of you actually tried it? I'm gonna give this race a serious playing.

01-07-2004 - Helllrespawn
It was a nice Mod which does exactly as told.

01-07-2004 - Sir Galahad
One word...... NIIIICCCCCCCE

03-07-2004 - Jnt-Unknown
Really good mod.. Or atleast for me cuz i like really like these stuff about Neveraine, Tribunal and the Daedra gods. Its really cool looking faces that look a bit diffrent from the other dark elf faces and gives a divine feeling in it.

03-07-2004 - Storm
It's an exellent mod, I'm already level 23 with this race, it's great..

03-07-2004 - Nisus
As a couple others have said,when I first read the description I thought it was going to be another Uber-god thing. Boy am I glad I was wrong. This thing is just excellent!

Race Stats

Strenght (30); Intelligence (50); Willpower (50), Agility (40)

Skill Bonuses : +10 to Athletics, Acrobatics, Enchant, Alchemy, Alteration, Mysticism, Destruction.


Disappearance (Custom Sound)
By blending their bodies with the surrounding air the Semigods can completely disappear from sight for a full minute. But, using this power leaves the Semigod very tired and drains his life essence.

Chameleon on Self 100% for 60 secs

- 300 Fatigue
- 150 Health

High Jump
By manipulating the force of gravity, a Semigod can reach high heights just by jumping, the process even though doesn't drain life essence is very tiring.

Jump on Self 150 pts for 5 secs

- 25 Health
- 250 Fatigue (-50 Fatigue every sec for 5 secs)

Warp Speed (Custom Sound)
By actively manipulating the air surrounding and his own muscles, he can reach impressive speeds just by running. Unfortunately such process drains some life essence, disintegrate any weak armor and seriously damage any strong armor the Semigod wears because of air resistance at high speeds.

+ 400 Speed for 30 secs

- 60 Health (-5 Health every sec for 30 secs)
- 450 Fatigue (-15 Fatigue every sec for 30 secs)
- 250 Disintegrate Armor on Self (-15 to Armor every sec for 30 secs)

War Gear
A Demigod can summon, for a limited time period a full set of Daedric Armor and Weapon, this spell transform the Demigod in a killing machine with all the drawbacks, he's unable to cast any spell or to coherently think for twice the duration of the War Gear.

Bound Longsword, Helm, Cuirass, Gloves, Shield, Boots for 30 secs.

Intelligence Reduced to Zero for 60 secs
Magicka Reduced to Zero for 60 secs

Soul Claim (Custom Sound)
As their Divine parent, they can call the spirit out of the body of mortals provoking their death. The process though completely drains mental and physical energies of the Semigod, leaving him completely blind and still,defenseless against any other attacker and extra weak to elemental damage for a short period of time.
Absorb Health on Touch for 5 secs for 400 pts (80 hp/sec)

-60 Magicka for 5 secs (-300 Magicka)
Blind 100% for 10 secs
Burden 500% for 5 secs
Weakness to Fire 175% for 30 secs
Weakness to Frost 125% for 30 secs
Weakness to Shock 125% for 30 secs

Random Star
The Demigod can travel at light speed, that is achieved by temporary transforming his essence in a Star, reach for the skies and cover very long distances in a very short time. Using this power drains a lot of energies, both mental and physical. Usage of this spell is not recommended to low level Demigods because it could lead to a premature death.

Levitate 200 pts for 65 secs
+ 1000 Speed for 60 secs

- 300 Fatigue (-5 Fatigue per sec for 60 secs)
- 300 Health (-5 Health per sec for 60 secs)
- 300 Magicka (-5 Magicka per sec for 60 secs)

Magicka Regeneration
Semigods are capable of regenerating Magicka at a rate of 1 per sec by collecting it from both mineral and vegetal worlds. This grant them a virtually infinite amount of Magicka energy and make them natural powerful wizards.

Miscellaneous Resistances
Inherited from their Dunmer Mother and Divine Father, the Semigods have multiple natural resistances from elemental damage, paralisys, poison and common diseases.
+ 50% Resist Fire
+ 25% Resist Frost
+ 25% Resist Shock
+ 25% Resist Poison
+ 25% Resist Paralisys

Start Spells

Demigods know how to perform harmless and basic spells of every magic school, this ability is used, to constantly train their magic abilities.
+ Cantrip Alteration
+ Cantrip Conjuration
+ Cantrip Destruction
+ Cantrip Illusion
+ Cantrip Mysticism
+ Cantrip Restoration

Mark & Recall (Custom Sound)
Demigods know how to cast basic mark and recall, this is an in-born quality and it doesn't need to be learned.

Reach for The Skies (Custom Sound)
Demigods know how to cast basic fly, this allow them to fly at a slow speed for a limited amount of time. (Levitate 5 pts for 60 secs).

New Birthsign: The Magistrate

Their Semi-Divine Nature, their tight connection to Magical Energies grants the Semigods a vast pool of Magicka resource.

Double Maximum Starting Magicka


New Class: High Sorcerer

Legendary Battlemages trained to perfection in the Art of War and Magic. Only those of Divine origins with an exceptional strenght and a strong mind can access this class.

Primary Attributes : Strenght & Intelligence
Specialization : Magic
Major Skills : Destruction, Conjuration, Illusion, Alteration, Acrobatics
Minor Skills : Long Blade, Heavy Armor, Mysticism, Short Blade, Speechcraft

Levelled Magicka (Script by Hessi9)
Magicka improves at a rate of 4% per level, e.g. on level 25 your magicka will be doubled.

[Change Log]

Initial release.
Total reword of "Maya Ancient Dunmer" and inclusion of it in "Magistrate Demi-God Race".
Tuned down a a few "Powers".
• "Life Drain" now costs the player 5 secs of Paralyze instead of 5 secs of Burden (500).
• "Charm" now costs -200 Magicka and -50 Health, removed the Absorb Magicka to Target Bug.
• "Charm" description added.
• Added new Hair & Heads
• Moved all Meshes to a single folder (/Meshes/Magistrate) and renamed them to avoid conflicts
• Renamed "Life Drain" into "Soul Claim"
• Added "Calm Humanoid" 100 pts for 30 secs to Power "Charm", in order to make it more useful.


Extract to your Data folder and activate it.

[Required Files]

Morrowind Tribunal

Scruggs for the "ForceField" and the "Weather Change Crystal" Script.
Rhedd & Allerleirauh for head and hair models.

This is some more stuff I digged about "Ancient Dunmer", the mod which lead to this one:


The Ancient Dark Elves are an antique and mostly forgotten race that used to poulate Morrowind thousands and thousands of years ago, much before the chimer race was inhabitating the land, there are very few of them still alive but they're very powerful, they are referred in the Legends as "Ancient Dunmer". Phisically they can be easily mistaken for common Dunmers since they are dark-skinned, red-eyed, Dark Elves looking but they combine incredibly powerful intellect with strong and agile physiques as well as many in-born powers and abilities, producing superior beings. And on the battlefield they're feared enemy and it's said one of them fighting on one side instead of another one can easily overcome the result of a battle.

As for their personality, they're very distrustful, snobbish, proud and usually aggressive and they got a very RIGID LIVING OATH they follow strictly.


Their prime interest is to rule over people, they are hungry for power, especially political one and they'll do their best to ascend to the higher possible rank in every guild or faction, on their way to success if somebody steps on their way they will walk on him without mercy.

They hate ash and blight storms, whenever the weather is like that they will seek shelter into some caves/cities as soon as possible, that doesn't mean they CAN'T walk in storms, it's just they dont like it and try 2 avoid it.

They NEVER kill a dunmer with phisical weapons, since they wanna punish Dunmer for having lost their ancient roots with Magicka they will always try to kill them with spells, just to teach them a lesson.
They respect the ancient daedric Gods, so they will never plunder their shrines (Like steal in the chests or steal offers to daedric gods)even though they might have no remorse killing their followers since they're just inferior beings.
They have a very strong sense of property, so they will never ever steal anything from a living being.

They can't stand misrespect, so they will kill on sight anybody which refers to you as "Scum" or talk to you in a too much rude way. (You're gonna have a hard time in Vivec
Their pride make them behave like they're "superior" to any other race, they especially hate beasts race (because they consider them a corruption of nature) and regular Dunmers (because they hate the way they lost their roots with the ancient race). So they're often rude with other races and aggressive.

They're very much against Alchemy and any related stuff, they might EAT single alchemical ingredients but they would NEVER combine them with alchemy since they consider it an inferior way to get "magical effects", for the same reason they will never drink ANY potion.

Because of their supernatural nature and strong relation with magicka they need a lot of energy to "be alive" therefore, at least once every 2 days they HAVE TO absorbe a humanoid energy with the "Ancient Kiss". This feature is very similar with the need Vampires got to suck blood but differently from them, they don't suffer any health damage and/or risk their life if they don't assume such energy, they just lose their supernatural powers untill they "feed" themselves of living energy.

[Special Note]
This was one of my first mod, I published it in 2003 during the Morrowind Era and then I lost track of it, since i am back for Skyrim I managed to dig out this historical (for me) mod and post it on the nexus, keep in mind the mod is provided "as-is" since I am not currently playing Morrowind, the mod is safe and at that time it was hailed as the "first balanced cheat mod".
I don't have Morrowind installed anymore, if anyone could be so kind to take a few screenshots and upload them, I'd be very grateful

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