Goldbrand and Unqiue eltionbrand by elderago
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Added: 13/01/2013 - 12:59AM
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NOTE eltonbrand may or may not be bug, please let me know if the reflection map is currently looking weird, I've posted an image of what it looks like too me
Note 2: YES I have used the morrowind code patch that is why I consider it an issue

Mod Name: GoldBrand And unique Eltionbrand
Mod Author: Elderago
Release Date: 1/10/13

this is just just a Basic replacer for the Goldbrand with a an optional esp to give the eltionbrand a unique model and textures.

Both models have Bump mapping gloss mapping and have reflection maps.

The reflection maps are not perfect as they were not made specifically for the models. but for the most part they should work. if anybody wishes to create new reflection maps I would greatly appreicate it if I could host them.

other then that everything works fine, this is my first public release, any advice or tips would be appreciated


Nexus modmanger: I\'m pretty sure you know the routine :)

-Manual install (aka the old fashoned way)

extract the folders to morrowind and it should overwrite click yes to all

if needed back up w_art_katana_goldbrand.nif which is located on meshes/w

-the esp is optional, it only gives eltionbrand a unique look.


simple delete w_art_katana_goldbrand.nif and uncheck the esp

Compatibility Issues
None this is just a unique replacer,however I suggest using a no glow option,otherwise the reflection
mapping won\'t look right

Esp has already been cleaned, no evil 72 GSM\'s

the textures and models were created by insanitysorrow and as such all permission goes to him.

I simply converted them and added gloss, reflection and bump/normal mapping.

InsanitySorrow for giving me permission
Bethesda for creating morrowind
Blender because 3ds max is too damn expansive

and the people on the offical forums, with the many tutorials on there I would have never even done this thanks !