Balmora Expansion -Re-Upload- by Gorg CanadianIce and Jeremy
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Added: 17/12/2012 - 08:29PM
Updated: 17/12/2012 - 08:35PM

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Last updated at 20:35, 17 Dec 2012 Uploaded at 20:29, 17 Dec 2012

I did not make this mod, I am only re-uploading it since it is no longer available.


Balmora expansion combines over 40 existing well known mods that effect or add to Balmora and the surrounding area. It creates tons of new material and models, adds cohesive dialogue and interaction between the old and new, adds quests, dungeons, houses that can be earned and ties it all together is a tight knit progressive story.

The neat part is that none of the original town statics or interior cells were touched so any mods that only add to the original Balmora and doesn\\\'t effect landscape still works as do all mods that added stuff to the inside of existing stores. For Jeremy?s part he has created a number of sets of all new exciting armor and clothes, and created his first store for selling his stuff The Breton Knight.

CanadianIce has created an all new Metal Queen Boutique store run by Erika\\\'s cousin Vonhelira. It is approx. the same size as her original in Dagonfell with over 15meg (compressed) of new fashions including several new styles based on new models for cloaks and short skirts. Both of these stores and the material contained in them will reside in the new Balmora exclusively.

Original mod here