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100% hit with all weapons (and hand-to-hand), good health and mana regeneration, no stamina cost to run, base move speed increased, base charge and regeneration of enchanted objects increased, before and after their creation, races\\\' power balanced, etc. See the .txt.

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*** Please note that if the mod has a problem, it's because of others mod (probably others mod which change the gameplay) ***

You can not miss a target. And don't tell in the taverns of "classicos" that the background or system is casualised. A 10 year old child is able to hit a target placed in front of him, whether it be with a sword, an axe, or a crossbow, then an adult, a man that has known war and prison, don't talk about it.

Running does not cost vitality anymore. Tired 's get into a fight being exhausted? It's finished! By cons, attack and parry cost more vitality.

Your life and your mana will regenerate at a rate almost similar to that of Skyrim. If your features are those of a Mage, your mana will regenerate faster. If you are seriously injured, your life regenerates more slowly. Mages become usefull in combat!

Your enchanted items recharge faster. You can now clean a cave without 24 soul gems.

You run faster. Seriously speaking, I walked faster to 12 years that a dark elf at full speed ....

The racial abilities and talents are balanced. Argonians, for example, breathe illimity and swim faster.

The enchanted objects have much more capacity's delight.

Spells's invocation of paralysis and cost half as much mana.

It's a french version. If you have a bug, open the mod in TESCS, and then save it.