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My attempt at bringing Dongles Waterpack up to date with Bumpmapped animations.
note-this requires the MCP.

Permissions and credits
-I have included all of Dongles water meshes retextured and edited to include reflect/bump maps.

-All water meshes from Tamriel Rebuilt with the same edits, included.

-Included two meshes created by Mireneye, I can't remember which mod they are from, and I did not include his textures for the rock faces, I have only altered the mesh to include a reflection map for the waterfalls as well as bump maps, if you happen to use his mod that these meshes come from, this will simply overwrite his meshes so that they now have bump/reflect mapped water.

-Also included one Fountain mesh from Quarl's Underground(and underground 2), that has the same treatment, none of Quarl's textures included, only useful if you use his underground mod and use this mesh as an over write.

-Included bath water mesh edited with the same treatment from Kortana's Solsthiem Castle

-Included all water meshes from Sotha Sil Expanded.

--There is one minor issue with this mod when using the Per Pixel Lighting shader included with MGEXE, for some reason with PPL turned on, some of the meshes lose their transparency and look like liquid detergent, I can't figure out what causes the problem, I have tried various different transparency settings and thresholds within the meshes as well as various different transparency settings within the textures to no avail. If someone else figures out what causes the problem and a possible solution, please let me know so that I can correct it. Thank you and I hope you enjoy the mod.

-Added waterwheel mesh from Dagonfel Mill.