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Added: 08/11/2012 - 01:46PM
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Last updated at 10:42, 21 Oct 2013 Uploaded at 13:46, 8 Nov 2012

This is final version and no update is planned as this is is incorporated in my other mod --> Assassin Ambush

Description : Tweaks the DB Attacks to occur based on guild standings, reputation and level.
Also, replaces lower level assassins armor with Netch and Chitin armorfor Balance.

Now DB Assassins teleport away if their health gets below 20%.
If you don't like the assassins to teleport, just open the console and type without quotes "Set UAH_DBFlee to 0" and press Enter.
If you change your mind and want assassins to teleport, then type "Set UAH_DBFlee to 1" and Press Enter.

Previously DB assassins appeared based on your level all wearing DB Armor and all were males. Now lower level assassins wear Netch or Chitin armor and there is a chance for female assassins to strike.
Also, Now attack is based on your standing in Vvanderfall. Now attack depends on a global which is calculated based on your guild standings and progressively becomes tougher with more assassins as you raise among the ranks.
Also, you have to kill the Dark Brother Hood Head to stop the attacks. Otherwise all my work of making your sleep miserable is of waste:P

From v2.0, Assassins may strike without warning when off to guild quests out in wilderness.

Formulae are--

DB_State = ( Guild rankings + 2 * ( sum of rankings of Temple, Great House and Morag Tong ) )/ 8

Global = [ DB_State + ( reputation/5 ) + Level/4 ] / 2

For Easy Plugins, the attacks begin and progress at a slower pace--

DB_State = ( Guild rankings + 2 * ( sum of rankings of Temple, Great House and Morag Tong ) )/ 10

Global = [ DB_State + ( reputation/8 ) + Level/4 ] / 2.5

This is all in short so it is rounded down.
The global is used to determine the number of assassins by updating the 'dbattackscript' to place upto 3 assassins at Global = 5

The Idea was that the more guild you joined, the more influential you become, so more aggressive attack.
Double weightage to Morag tong and Temple since they are enemy of DB and the person who hired DB distrusts ALMSIVI.

Added Safe places where DB assassins do not attack. The safe places are
--Inside red mountain, as it is nearly inhospitable
--Morag tong guild halls, for obvious reasons
--Hircine's maze, since this place is only accessible for champions chosen by Hircine
--Vampire Headquarters
--Magas Volar
--The Clock Work City
--Ministry of Truth
--Vivec's Palace
--Cavern of Incarnate
--Almalexia's Chapel
--Castle Karstaag Interior
--Tombs of Skaalara

For suggestions or bugs, please post at following links--
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