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Added: 23/10/2012 - 02:39AM
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Last updated at 16:05, 1 Nov 2012 Uploaded at 2:39, 23 Oct 2012

A while ago I played a mod that added many new quests to Clan Quarra. (Found here This inspired me because the vampire clans lack any real depth or substance, indeed being a vampire in vanilla Morrowind is incredibly boring. Since the mod's creator never released quests for the other two clans, I thought I'd do my own. This mod adds 14 quests for Clan Berne and 4 freelance vampire quests.

THIS MOD IS UNFINISHED, A BETA, A WORK IN PROGRESS. As such, there may be bugs and glitches, please report them in the comments, and as of the moment there is no end. Had it sitting around for ages and done nothing due to lack of time/motivation, I'm releasing what I've done so far and maybe one day I'll finish it.

Check out my other vanpire mod, an injector which automatises the blood-drinking added by vampiric hunger.