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Lights in dwemer ruins occasionally blink.

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Dwemer blinking lights v1.2

With this mod lights in dwemer ruins don't pulse but blink occasionally. Broken lights constantly blink. Blinking rate is controlled by global variable DL_BlinkRate which has default value of 1000. To change it use console command "set DL_BlinkRate to 'a number'". Decrease value of DL_BlinkRate to make lights blink faster and increase it to make them blink slower. Your framerate also affects the blinking rate. I tested it at 60 FPS, so if you are playing at 120 FPS you may wanna set the value of DL_BlinkRate to 2000.

If you are using a light mod, you can merge this mod with it. To do it open "Merge DBL and light mod.bat" in a text editor. In the second line replace "your_light_mod" with the name of your light mod. If you are using "TLM - Complete.esp" the line should look like this: "set light_mod=TLM - Complete" but without the quotes. After you save and run the bat file, a plugin named "TLM - Complete + DBL.esp" ( name will be different if you use another light mod ) will be created and added to your load order.
v1.0 initial release.
v1.1 New meshes ( see video ). 
Added dungeons from Tribunal. Replaced paper lanterns in Clockwork City with dwemer light bulbs.
Added versions compatible with Greater dwemer ruins and Tamriel rebiult.
Compatability with light mods.
v1.2Improved compatibility with other mods. 
Removed Clockwork City edits.
Added DL_BlinkRate global variable.