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The original version of this mod, which is needed, is now on Nexus!

I love the Definitive Birthsign mod, it adds so many new ways to play a character, but it has some problems.
I made a new patch to be used instead of Eisenfaust's older patch.
Details below

Permissions and credits
The Definitive Birthsign Pack must be installed and loaded first. Then the redux patch loaded after.

These birthsigns were mostly created and balanced for roleplaying purposes, and for experimenting with new builds. Full details in the "Birthsign Stats" text file.


The Elder Scrolls III
Definitive Birthsigns Redux Patch, by Pluto
version 1.2


1. Installation
2. Notes and FAQ
3. Credits and Usage
4. Save Games


Installing the Plugin


Once extracted and opened, just drag and drop the Meshes/Icons/Textures Folders and the Definitive Birthsigns Redux Patch.esp into your Morrowind/Data Files Folder. Say "yes" to any overwrites.

The original version of The Definitive Birthsigns Pack must be installed first.
Found here:

If you use GCD, be sure to also use the DBirth-Redux GCD Patch.esp found in the GCD patch folder.
If you use Birthsign Are More Fun (BAMF), be sure to use the DBirth-Redux BAMF Patch.esp found in the BAMF patch folder.
If you use GCD and BAMF, be sure to use the DBirth-Redux GCDxBAMF Patch.esp found in the GCD/BAMF patch folder.

Do NOT use the "Definitive Birthsign Patch" (by Eisenfaust) alongside this patch.
This Redux patch is meant to replace it.


Notes, FAQ


Some Birthsigns have Drain effects. While choosing a birthsign, they will appear as "Drain 0 pts" but will be correctly added to your character via a script when you leave the Census Office. This is the only way to modify the stats correctly.
It is usually a Drain of 10-20 points. The exact Drain numbers can be seen in the "Birthsign Stats" document.

I highly recommend that you use the Code Patch option "Larger service/chargen menus" otherwise you will not be able to see all the Birthsign effects during CharGen.

The vanilla Birthsigns do NOT get changed, but a few of them will now start you with items after CharGen is complete.

This mod IS compatible with mods that change the vanilla Birthsigns, unless that mod changes the IDs of the starting spells. If they do, you will not get the items from this mod added to your inventory for the vanilla Birthsigns, but otherwise everything will work correctly.
If you use Birthsigns Are More Fun (BAMF) I have included a patch so that you can still get the items.

This patch is fully compatible with the GCD Balanced Birthsign mod.

List of Changes:
- No more script errors when exiting the Census Office when choosing Birthsigns that used the Random function for items.
- A MessageBox appears for added items (upon leaving the Census Office)
- the Golden Apple now has a proper mesh/texture
- the Tinker's Dwemer Box will now work even if your Enchant skill is below 10
- "Mermaid's Kiss" is now a Spell, instead of Ability. Now it won't conflict with drowning yourself in the Puzzle Canal.
- the Horseshoes are now called Quicksilver Boots, and they now have correct AR
- the Battered Robe is now called the Humble Robe
- the Holy Amulet is now called Almsivi Amulet
- unique names and meshes/icons for the Gatekeeper keys, so they are easier to quickly identify
- the "All Hallow's Eve" Power is now called "Ancestor's Moon"
- the "Wing of Bat, Eye of Newt" Power is now called "Cauldron Craft"
- the Walking Staff now has the speed/reach of a staff, not a dagger
- fixed a few spelling errors in the additions to The Firmament book
- added one new Birthsign, The Monk
- re-balanced a few Birthsigns so they don't feel as overpowered or underpowered. (but not really any major changes)

The details of the Birthsigns for this patch are listed in the file called "Birthsign Stats"
If you want to see the original Birthsign stats, check the ReadMe from the original mod.


Credits and Usage

Big thanks to Doy and IceNine0 for creating the original Birthsign Pack.
Big thanks to Eisenfaust for fixing many of the original problems with his Patch.
Credit goes to them before me.

Thanks to Taddeus for the apple files from NoM
Thanks to Daduke for the key files from The Key Replacer

You can do what you like with this patch.


Save Games


This plugin will not invalidate your old saved games. If you save
your game while this plugin is loaded, you may encounter error messages
when you reload the saved game without the plugin.


Questions or Comments?

I can be found on The Bethesda Forums or GHF, as "Pluto"
Please send me a message if you have any questions or problems.