Vvardenfell Landscapes-Stone Forest Mountains by Ryu Hayabusa
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Added: 19/09/2012 - 09:46AM
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Last updated at 10:14, 19 Sep 2012 Uploaded at 9:46, 19 Sep 2012

Part of my planned landscape changes across Vvardenfell to...add realism/atmosphere to some of the areas. Some areas look...either just plain bad, or uniform and uninspired.

2.Bugs or anomalies

As you walk by Balmora on the Bitter Coast or just take a stroll through the actual town, you notice the hills surrounding the city. You can get caught in a bad fight and just walk right over the hills into town and let the guards hopefully help. I took the liberty of changing that, and making the hills into true mountains with a few added rocks in some places to help the effect.
Now, Balmora seems to be surrounded by tall, rocky hills rather than out of place mounds. It is also harder to waltz right over the hills.
Normally, the hills are uniform and quite flat, but I made them a bit taller, rugged, and different.

Bugs or Anomalies
The hills in the east are a bit tall looking compared to the area they take up, but it adds to the tall and surrounded atmosphere of the mod.

This mod only changes landscape in the hills around Balmora. Any mods that change the area will be effectively incompatible. I do take requests. If you want a version for Balmora Expansion, texture fix, or any other mod below 75mb in size, tell me. I will download it, make a version for it, and bam. I'm nice like that.