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Silgrad Tower

READ ME Silgrad Tower full version 1-4_6.6

Silgrad Tower Version 1-4_6 Full Version

Extract ST.bsa, silgrad_tower_1-4_6.6.esp, to the Morrowind\Data Files\ directory.
Move the splash, bookart, music and sound folders into data files.

You may use the BSAreg utility, run the executable and select ST.bsa to be registered.
You may also register the BSA file manually if you prefer, or if BSAReg does not work. Open the Morrowind.ini file in your Morrowind directory and add this line to
the [Archives] section:
Archive X=ST.bsa
Where X is the next available number. If you do not have installed other mods that have BSA files, you should see this:
Archive 0=Tribunal.bsa
Archive 1=Bloodmoon.bsa
Archive 2=ST.bsa


This is not a completed mod, their are several areas which are still in work.

You will come across many interiors that are not complete, especially in Blacklight and the North Coast

Included are the necessary data files for Blacklight and ZGA. If you have any trouble with extraction or you are missing files please post your "warnings" in the TESIII forum.


--> Full version 1-4_6:


Blacklight esp, including Firemoth and Northern Coast --> Modded by Rodan.

ZGA. You'll find this Daedric Ruins West of the City of Silgrad, be careful and enjoy.

--> Fixes compared to 1-4_3:

These fixes have been made so that your PC can now complete these quests and adventure new areas

Ashelon Temple Quest bugs
Dumac Ruins
Vort Tomb
Village Interiors for Jarhald, Deepen Moor and Reich Parkeep
Marran Odi Quest
Missing Armor on Silgrad Protectors
Rip in the Northern Coast
Fix to Robe of Concealment, Robe of Rags and Robe of Vecna

Please post bugs: TESIII Board
Comments and Suggestions are welcome
Assistance is always needed


--> Requirements:

Silgrad Tower: Morrowind requires both Tribunal and Bloodmoon, and can't be played without the expansions.

--> Compatibility:

Silgrad Tower: Morrowind conflicts with any mod that affects our exterior coordinates, including Havish, Wizards Islands and certain parts of Tamriel Rebuilt. If you're actively playing any mod that conflicts with Silgrad Tower when you start up our mod, naturally it will be strange as hell for you as two worlds try to exist in the same place. We suggest you play these mods in sequence.
On the other hand Silgrad Tower is aptly suited to be played alongside our friend Rodan's excellent mod "Blacklight", available as a stand-alone release from his website See the map above for a case-in-point example of our compatibility.

Silgrad Tower: Morrowind places an adventure in Gnaar Mok that serves as a vehicle for transporting the player to our world. Whether it conflicts with any other mod that revolved around Gnaar Mok is so far unknown.

The mod doesn't change your gameplay in any way, and apart from the above-mentioned Gnaar Mok, our mod shouldn't affect anything at all on Vvardenfell or other locations created by Bethesda.

Our team is always sensitive to frame rate and we do our best to make the playing experience as fluid as possible. However, older graphic cards might have problems rendering our main town, so we would like to suggest that if you tune down the graphic settings if you're playing with an older card and are about to enter the sprawling megacity. (Well, compared to any Bethesda town our 250+ buildings constitutes a megacity)

--> Installation:

To install see above, then tick our mod in the plugin list at the game's startup screen.
Important: Never play with more than one version of our main .esp. That will cause all kinds of problems.
Important: If you start playing Silgrad Tower, you can't keep playing that character if you upgrade to a newer release. That would also cause a lot of problems for you.

--> Description:

Silgrad Tower: Morrowind is an expansion for the computer roleplaying game "The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind", released by Bethesda Softworks in 2002. The mod has been in development since autumn the same year. Silgrad Tower: Morrowind adds a large chunk of Morrowind's mainland west of Vvardenfell, opposite Hla Oad in the south to Andasreth in the north, sprawling over 240 highly detailed exterior cells. Over time, the Silgrad Tower: Morrowind mod has grown to encompass four major towns, several small settlements, over 35 quests, 500+ interiors and more than a thousand NPCs. If you aim to see everything our world has to offer, you're sure to have your hands full for a long, long time.

Silgrad Tower is also the name of our main town, situated in the southwest corner of our landmass, near the border to Cyrodiil. A war between House Hlaalu and House Redoran left the old town in ruins, with only the Tower itself surviving the havoc. After the truce was signed, Silgrad became an independent city-state under the leadership of a "Council of Elders", comprised of representatives from the Houses and factions who had a stake in the future of the city. Together with the mighty Guild of Traders, which is waving the sceptre supreme over all trading business, are bickering about the lands and direction the city should take. Because of the status of the city as a merchant haven the city is a true magnet to all kind of people seeking riches and fortune. This combined with the history of the fragile alliance of the main houses makes the city a both interesting and dangerous place to stay. While the old Tower of Silgrad is casting its shadows over the valley of the city, the surrounding lands are housing many dangers. Rumours about adventure and glory is heard on every corner and the old tomes of the stores promise both riches and death.

There are over 35 quests in the mod, ranging from small quests you can find on the messageboards in Silgrad to huge and complicated quests with multiple ways of solving them depending on your wicked mind. Please bear in mind that our mod isn't always perfect, and there are still bugs to sort out. If you find any, kindly report them on our forum.

--> Terms of use :

If you want to use resources in Silgrad Tower made by others than our team, you'll need to contact respective author. With that in mind, Silgrad Tower isn't the ideal mod to borrow resources from. However there's plenty of stuff in here that stems from us, and those are free to use as long as you credit the Silgrad Tower team and add a link to in your readme (or on your site).

When we say resources we mean meshes, textures, scripts and things like that that help you in your creative endeavors. No one is allowed to copy any of the following without written permission from our core:
- interior cells or other modded content
- sound effects created by us, incl. voice work
- quests
- dialogue
- books and other written material
If you wish to use any of the above, please contact us by making a post on our forum at Something that can really help your request for content is an offer to share parts of your own.

--> Changes 1-4_3 compared to earlier full releases:

Release 4-B cleaned out a bunch of GMST entries, together with the usual bugixes courtesy of our eminent main file admin Quentin Fortune. A large adventure by Razorwing, dubbed "The Road to Silgrad Tower", now makes the journey from Vvardenfell to our world more interesting, as the player is faced with an incident in Gnaar Mok that tests both his fighting prowess as well as his morals. A huge and very playable interior for our Dwemer ruin Dumac was created by Zalzidrax, and is definetely well worth a visit. Other additions include a crypt in Steadhelm (also by Razorwing), and a cave by Ben Vagara and nordic tomb by The Inwah (both in the Jarnhald Mountains region in the far northwest of our world).

Release 4 was our way of letting the community know that our team was alive again. Incorporated hundreds upon hundreds of bugfixes by Deus and Razorwing, dozens of new interiors and several new quests as well as two new regions.

Release 3 was our first full release after breaking off from Tamriel Rebuilt, and nearly doubled our landmass compared to Release 2. Reich Parkeep was totally redone from scratch, as per our agreement with TR, and in our opinion the end result was an improvement of the town. The new Reich Parkeep is a mix of Imperial and Redoran influences. In the words of Deus - and keep in mind he wrote the following in the spring of 2004:

We added far more mines then we had in the first beta. Ranging from dark and deserted glassmines to fully inhabited diamond and ebony mines. The Silgrad mining corporation has a large mine close to the main city, complete with a living community and a detachment of guards.

We added a couple more very authentic tombs, the backbone of hauntings and all things spooky and deadly. Not to mention the source of traps and puzzles.

Since the deadric powers were not very well presented in beta 2, we now have 2 new large deadric shrines waiting for you examining pleasure. Nefeyabet shrine is a full 4 external shrine hidden in the mountains.

Dumac, the large dwemer outpost is still WIP, but already a sight for sore eyes.. the dwemer have some skeletons in their closet.

Vorheiss, a friend from our sister project TR has given us permission to use his new creatures so expect a troll or golem on your way down the bowels of the earth.

Intelligentsia has composed some Silgrad Tower music for our project. At this moment only a few tracks are implemented, but expect more in the future. For now walk through the cities and visit the main temple of Silgrad to enjoy the skills of this very skilled artist.

4 more quest have been added to the list. One of them tells the tale of the realm of storms, so be sure to check out the guild of mages in Steadhelm.

Many random surprises: For instance who is that woman that can be seen in the Rusty Guar at night time??

More quests to involve you even more with the NPC and their daily problems.

A real sense of weather and night. NPCs will seek the shelter of their houses at night and during a storm and they will light their lights at night. So be sure to walk through the cities at night.

The order of dibella now has a small temple along the road from Silgrad to Reich Parkeep. Be sure to visit their retread.

We have used work from several marvellous modders in the community (with their permission of course) to bring you the best Morrowind has to offer.

Own your own mine and house to be more then just a nameless wanderer.

The influence of the guild of traders has been expanded to all the major cities.

All the main "boss" characters had AI overhauls which makes them more formidable fighters to fight against, they will respond on your actions and heal or flee accordingly.

I could add more, but then the list would go on and on. .So check for yourself and give us feedback so we can improve what you think should be added or changed.

--> Credits:

Apart from our always changing team of modders, the Silgrad Tower mod incorporates work of the following people. If we have forgotten to mention anyone, or if someone else is credited for your work, we apologize for the mistake and ask that you contact us by making a post on the forum.

Allie & Rhedd
Cheesed One
Dale Stocker
Don Salus
Dracus Dragani
Elric Melnibourne
Hellwolve and the SOA team
Hollow Man
Lady Eternity
Lord Yig
Maboroshi Daikon
Magic Nakor
Mighty Joe Young
mr. phantastik
Puma Man
Rocky Collins / Stormwyynd
Sean Yelldel
Sorcha Ravenlock

Don't forget to check out our site, if you have any questions or comments, or just want to check out the latest developments!
And if you're interest in becoming part of our dedicated group of modders, don't hesitate to contact us on the forum!


dietbob196045, Silgrad Tower Team