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Elder Scroll Debug Mod by Davide
Morrowind » Items, Objects, and Clothes
Added: 12/09/2012 - 09:36PM
Updated: 06/02/2014 - 07:19PM

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2.0 Latest version

124 Unique D/Ls

218 Total D/Ls

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Uploaded by Davidemaru


Last updated at 19:19, 6 Feb 2014 Uploaded at 21:36, 12 Sep 2012

Name: Elder Scroll
Author: Davide
Version: 2.0
Date: 06/02/2014
Category: Cheats


This Mod adds an Elder Scroll to the player's inventory. Read it and go back to game mode to activate the menu. These are the options:

- Abilities: shows a list of abilities that can be choosen to add it to the player character. The abilities will be allways active, select it again to remove it.

- Chameleon: lets player character invisible.
- Chameleon 100%
- Detect: shows animals, enchanted items and keys in the map.
- Detect Animal: 1000
- Detect Enchantment: 1000
- Detect Key: 1000
- Levitate: lets player character levitate.
- Levitate: 100
- Night Eye: allows to see in the dark.
- Night Eye: 100
- Slow Fall: player character will fall at normal speed but won't be hurt.
- Slow Fall: 1
- Telekinesis: allows to activate doors and containers from the distance.
- Telekinesis: 1000
- Water Breathing: allows to breath underwater.
- Water Breathing
- Water Walking: allows to walk on water surface.
- Water Walking

- Bound

- Bound Armor: summons the selected weapon or a complete armor.
- Bound Boots
- Bound Cuirass
- Bound Gloves
- Bound Helm
- Bound Shield
- Bound Battle Axe
- Bound Dagger
- Bound Longbow
- Bound Longsword
- Bound Mace
- Bound Spear


-Edit Birth Sign
-Edit Class
-Edit Name
-Edit Race
-Edit Status
-Maximize Status: sets all status to 100, level will be set at 100 after save and load game.


-Add Dialogue Topics: Adds all dialogue topics
-Add Journal Entries: Adds all journal entries of the selected group.
-Main Quest
-House Hlaalu
-House Redoran
-House Telvanni
-Fighters Guild
-Mages Guild
-Thieves Guild
-Tribunal Temple
-Morag Tong
-Imperial Cult
-Imperial Legion

-Raise Faction Rank: Raises 1 rank point in the selected faction.

-Money: Adds the selected amount of gold.

-10 Gold
-100 Gold
-1.000 Gold
-10.000 Gold

-Services: Summons the selected service. It will disapear if you move away a little.

-Barter: Summons a guar that sells every item.
-Bed: Summons a bedroll to use it anywhere.
-Mage: Summons a mage that sells every spell and does enchantments and spellmaking.
-Repairer: Summons a dwarven spectre that repairs everything and sells repairing tools.
-Trainers: Summons a trainer who can teach you the selected skills until level 100.
-Restore Health
-Restore Magicka
-Restore Fatigue
-Cure Blight Desease
-Cure Common Desease
-Cure Corprus Desease
-Cure Paralyzation
-Cure Poison
-Calm Creature
-Calm Humanoid
-Lock: To lock doors and containers.
-Open: To unlock doors and containers.
-Mark: Makes a mark in the map.
-Recall: Teleports player character to created mark.
-Slay: Damage Health 1000 (kills everything).
-Soul Trap (Long duration).

-Weather: Changes current weather to the selected one.



Copy the contents (except the readme file) into your Morrowind data files directory , usualy located in "C:Program FilesBethesda SoftworksMorrowindData Files", then turn on the mod in the Data Files menu in the launcher.

Known Bugs and Issues



- Special thanks to Bethesda Softworks for the wondelful and moddeable videogame "The Elder Scroll III: Morrowind".