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This mod changes vampires in Morrowind to function more like those in Oblivion. Four stages of the disease, reset by feeding, and the like.

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Updated to 1.2: Fixed an instance of a minor, non-recurring bug.

Make sure the version you use is 1.2.

This mod alters the way Morrowind vampires work, and makes them more lore-appropriate as far as the rest of the Elder Scrolls go.

You will progress through four stages of the disease, (day by day) getting more powerful as each day goes on, but you will also take more sun damage, more fire damage, and upon reaching the fourth stage, NPCs will know you are a vampire, and react appropriately.

Feeding on the living brings this back to the first stage.

You will be able to do all story quests, barter, stay at inns, and do everything you normally would, while being a vampire.

Essentially makes vampires function like they do in Oblivion. Does not overpower. Keeps the original balance (at their most powerful in my mod, vampires are equal to their power in vanilla Morrowind.)

All the important details, as well as bugs, known issues, and compatibility issues are in the included readme. Read it. :)