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Increases overall movement speed and changes fatigue while running to work like in Oblivion.

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Morrowind is a slow-paced game - it's a fact of life. Getting started can be agonizing, causing you to resort to bunny hopping to squeeze out every little bit of speed. Then you have to deal with being out of stamina/fatigue when you are suddenly attacked by cliff racers. This is a simple mod that helps to fix this while not being ridiculous. A great mod for impatient players or those who like to explore but don't like moving at a snail's pace.

- Encumbrance now has only a minor effect on running and jumping
- Fatigue now regenerates very slowly while running and swimming; it regenerates noticeably faster while carrying less weight, and walking or not moving still cause it to regenerate much faster (note: maximum regen speed is still vanilla)
- Base movement speed is increased by a small amount
- Athletics contributes more movement speed per point
- Jump height is higher; max fall distance increased to compensate
- Sneaking is very slightly faster

Note that NPCs are also affected by these changes, but the difference for them should be minor because much of the benefit comes from reducing the effects of encumbrance, and most NPCs carry very little.

Includes two other versions - Extra for those who still find these changes to not be quite enough, and Extreme for those who really want speed.