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Modders resource containing 3 variations of the Bloodmoon Smith Shed.

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This is a collection of 3 variations of the Smith Shed mesh found in
the Bloodmoon expansion, these are

1. Ex_S_Smith_Shed

This is a low polygon version of the original with 334 polygons fewer
and with no loss in detail which should free up system resources for
more meaningful tasks. The mesh is supplied as a pluginless replacer
which when installed in your meshes/x folder the game will use it by default.

2. Ex_nord_Smith Shed

This is a simple retexture of my low polygon version of the Ex_S_Smith_Shed
using textures from, and is intended for use alongside meshes from the nord
buildings set.

3. Ex_common_Smith_Shed

This is based on my low polygon version of the Ex_S_Smith_Shed but has
had the thatch portion removed and replaced with shingles portions from
the common buildings set.

An esp file is included which assigns the common and nord sheds to the
construction set, naming conventions are the same as used for the original
models and you will find thes under the statics tab and amongst the common
and nord buildings respectively.The Bloodmoon .esm file assigns the Ex_S_Smith_Shed
to the game world.

These meshes require Bloodmoon to work as they all use textures
from the expansion.