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Added: 29/06/2012 - 08:39PM
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MGE XE Required

The files in this download will cause MGE XE to render light sources in the distant land. It does not affect the lighting of the distant land, but increases immersion by showing a bright point in the distance, especially at night.

Do not use if your system is struggling with distant land, as this "mod" forces MGE to render small objects in distant land.

To install, place the (l)ight and e(x)terior meshes into the correct folder in datafiles, and in the MGE XE distant land setup, add the Distant Lights Override.txt file to the static overrides file list. This file is found in the mge3 folder.

The common paper lanterns use your game textures for their distant light colour/texture. The glass lanterns, torches and fire pits use simple textures I've made called PLX_Light_2.bmp and PLX_Light_3.bmp (PLX_Light_1.bmp is currently unused). The colours used for these are based on the colours I use in my personal lighting mod, but they should be suitable for everyone.