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A home in Vos.

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  • Polish
Vos Cottage
By Crankgorilla
Version 1.0

Cleaned with Enchanted Editor
No Landscape adjustments


Trade has bought wealth to Vos and new construction has taken place. Be among the first to place bid for new real estate. Travel to Varo tradehouse in Vos to purchase a ring that will grant access to the mysterious cottage.

A trade route has been establised from Vos to Molag Mar and a new port has been built to cater for the increase in goods being traded.


- A property for sale in Vos.
- Feature wall aquarium with exotic fish.
- Furnished laboratory.
- Battle Arena.
- Custom furnishings. Some of which have been made placeable.
- Cosy dining.
- Custom storage vessels.
- Animated chests.
- Travel options to Molag Mar via balloon.
- Rooftop greenhouse with excellent views.
- Harvestable, placeable flowers. Flower boxes respawn Hornlily and Nirth.
- Placeable pots included.
- Scripted utilities.
- A scripted trade statue.
- Adjusted Varo Tradehouse NPC to carry 10000 gold and buy weapons and clothing.

Many other features. Many new concepts. Stable and tested.


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