MGSO v3 Edits and Fixes by Ferretmyster
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Added: 11/06/2012 - 12:02AM
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Fixes a few things were missing in Morrowind Sound and Graphics Overhaul v3 . Extract what you need from the file, you may not want some of the edits.

v3 in my opinion is the best version because it was the last version of the overhaul, but there was something I wanted to edit such as making the Dremora's not look like anime demons and makes them turn to dust again, and by getting rid of the ugly West Gash trees and Grazeland Trees. It also gives the menus the sound effect in the Xbox version which sounds nicer than the clicking noise in the PC version. Also this removes that god awful replacer for Mehrunes Razor with a model similar to Skyrim's/Oblivions instead of whatever it was the Overhaul gave, and its Hi-res textures with Glow maps and everything. There is also a small plug-in I made that reintroduces the Daedric Tower at Onnissiralis that went missing when the Helm of Tohan official plug-in is loaded. There is another one that replaces the second Ring of Surroundings with a ring that never got used with the lock enchantment. Also the roots in the Dissarpi Mine that are impossible to walk past are now removed. Should fix the missing texture for the daedric cuirass and glass boots. ALSO THAT STUPID MISSING TABLE IN THE OVERHAUL HAS BEEN FIXED ASWELL. Also added is the missing dialogue files for almalexia if you choose not to use new voices. Grassland trees are raised to not take up the ground (edited esp.).

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