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A total overhaul of ALL armor types that lessens the gap significantly between light & heavy and low-tier & high-tier armors. Also adds new models for silver armor, dragonscale armor & morag tong armor.

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I am a long-time player of Oblivion and Skyrim that has recently started playing Morrowind, and while I have discovered many mods here on the Nexus that make playing such a dated game more bearable, I am yet to find a mod that addresses the gulf of disparity that exists with regards to enchanting and protection offered across the range of armor (particularly lighter and lower-tier armor), in a satisfactory manor.

Important Instructions for Installation:

* This mod requires a version of Morrowind that has the Tribunal and Bloodmoon expansions installed.

* This mod comes in a BSA archive format; you must either extract it into your data files directory, or add a line under [Archives] to your morrowind.ini file, either manually or using a program that does it for you such as This One.

Latest Update v1.1:

* Rebalanced some armor sets: Domina, Nordic Mail & Dwemer lowered one tier, Glass, Chitin, Imperial Templar raised one tier. (each tier is 5 base armor points)

* Rebalanced armor tier gold value scaling: the level 1 tier is now more expensive, and so is every subsequent tier by a much greater amount (all but the top tiers were too easy to buy at low levels, now the intermediate tiers should require some more effort to purchase).

* Morag Tong and Dark Brotherhood armor sets now come appropriately pre-enchanted.

* Dark Brotherhood boots are now lighter (previously their weight made them ill-suited for sneaking).

* Dark Brotherhood Assassins now carry unenchanted cosmetic capes with hoods.

* A dark-textured Boiled Netch Leather Shield has been added.

* All chest armor pieces now have female models.

Features of This Mod:

* Includes Adamantium Armor from the offical plugin, and adds an unenchanted helmet.

* Includes the Domina, Gold & female armor models from the LaFemme official plugin, adds male armor models for Domina & Gold armor, adds female models for every other armor type.

* Adds a full Morag Tong armor set from THIS modding resource.

* Adds a full Imperial Silver armor set from THIS modding resource.

* Adds a full Imperial Dragonscale armor set from THIS modding resource.

* All imperial armors are now treated as being part of the Imperial uniform. Imperial Chain Pauldrons have been fixed to be medium armor to match the rest of the Imperial Chain set.

* You will no longer be added to the Ordinators hate list for wearing the Indoril or 'Her Hand' armors when talking to them.

* Morag Tong and Dark Brotherhood armor sets now come appropriately pre-enchanted.

The Major Changes:

* The range of protection offered by armors has been normalised; the lower-tier armors now offer more protection and the higher-tier armors now offer less.

The range for light armors is 15-35, medium 20-40, and heavy 25-50.

Higher tier armors are heavier than lower-tier armors in a linear relationship, and more expensive than lower-tier armors in an asymptotic relationship.

* The enchanting value of armor has been normalised across categories; the higher-tier armors still have a greater enchanting value than lower-tier armors, but only by a maximum of 100%, and light & medium armor can now be enchanted as effectively as heavy armor.

The maximum enchantment value (at the highest tier) of various armor pieces is as follows:
shield = 100
cuirass = 50
boots/helm = 25
gloves/pauldron/greaves = 10

These values are consistent across all armor types from light to heavy.

The armor protection tiers in more detail are as follows:

Cost / base armor:

50 / 15 = fur
500 / 20 = netch leather, wolf, imperial studded leather
5000 / 25 = dark brotherhood, morag tong, domina
10000 / 30 = chitin
25000 / 35 = glass

100 / 20 = imperial chain
1000 / 25 = bonemold, bear
5000 / 30 = imperial dragonscale, orcish, nordic ringmail
15000 / 35 = dreugh, ice
40000 / 40 = gold, adamantium, indoril, heleseth guard

150 / 25 = iron
1000 / 30 = steel, imperial steel, nordic iron
5000 / 35 = trollbane, imperial silver, dwemer
10000 / 40 = imperial templar, nordic mail
25000 / 45 = ebony
50000 / 50 = daedric, almalexia guard