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This mod adds a various new questlines for the Morag Tong faction which are given by the masters in Balmora, Ald-ruhn, and Sadrith Mora. Now you can perform four new quests in service of the Night Mother of Vvardenfell.

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Morag Tong Expanded Version 2.0


Unzip the file and place it in the Data Files folder in the Morrowind folders.

Requires both expansions.


2.0: 4 New quests added related to the Dark Brotherhood. Rewards rebalanced. Interiors improvements. Spelling and Grammar fixes.

1.0: Two new hidden quests added. One involving a search for a historical dagger. Starting these quests required specific conditions to be met.


The purpose of the Morag Tong Expanded Mod (MTE) is to add more depth to the Morag Tong faction with the addition of extra quests which are slightly more varied than the usual writs, as well as to add a reason to visit the guildhalls outside of Vivec.

The mod so far adds a number of quests for the guild masters in Balmora, Ald-ruhn, and Sadrith Mora, with at least three for each of them. The quests from the masters will represent three small story arcs in which you deal with the Dark Brotherhood, Sixth House plots, and some questionable writs. These quests will be given under the topic "special duties" once your character reaches the rank of White Thrall (or Brother for the Ald-ruhn quests).

Now there are also two hidden quests for Morag Tong members, which require a special condition to be completed before they can be obtained.

Version 2.0 now adds four new quests where your character can do work for the Night Mother of Vvardenfell. This does not make the Dark Brotherhood a joinable faction however. To start these quests, travel to Ald Sotha, Lower Levels, where you should find a mysterious man in place of where Sereva used to be.

Now, I will admit that my knowledge of Morrowind modding is in fact very... very small, so unfortunately I cannot promise massive quests with loads of scripting. However, I have tried to design the quests in this mod to be interesting and well balanced within the game, with hopefully some nice characters and equipment.

Bugs & Compatibility

This mod was cleaned using TesTool.

This mod will most likely conflict with any other mod that tries to do anything similar, editing the quests given by the Morag Tong.

Unfortunately, due to this being a first release, this will need updating at a later stage.